Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thing #2: 7.5 Habits of Highly Successful Lifelong Learners

Okay, so I'm officially a slacker... I viewed the online presentation about lifelong learners over a week ago and am just now getting around to setting up my official blog! Yikes! I am definitely pro people being lifelong learners- you live, you learn, right? I aspire to go back to school for an advanced degree or two (someday!) and have this sweet tooth-crazed notion to eventually enroll in not just any old culinary institute, but rather, a pastry school where I can bake and indulge in chocolate-filled croissants a la my favorite fast food French- La Madeleine. Therefore...

The easiest habit for me is obviously habit number one: Begin with the end in mind. Set goals for myself? Check. Accomplish those goals without procrastinating? I'll get back to you on that one.

The hardest habit for me is habit number three: View problems as challenges. As much as I hope to teach and raise my own children to be optimistic and happy, I often find myself full of self-doubt when things go awry. It is very hard for me to see the obstacles as just a small hurdle (Quite ironic, as I was the captain of my high-school hurdling team!) and often end up thinking, "Why me!?!" I'm 23, so I feel like this is something that I will be able to work on as I live and learn.

Well, those are my thoughts in a nutshell on the habits of lifelong learning. Fingers crossed that I actually publish this post without messing it up!

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  1. Serious thoughts for vacation time! But I totally empathize. Hey, your summer project of having your first kiddo should keep you busy hurdling lots of challenges...or hurtling through space, maybe. Glad you're started on the 23 Things - you'll do great!


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