Friday, June 19, 2009

Thing #5: Explore Flickr

Today was the first time that I did a search on Flickr. I have some relatives who post their photos to the site and then send me e-mails with a link to check them out, but I had never looked at random photos on the site. If I have a search, I usually use Google Images, but Thing #5 reminded me of the copyright laws with images. In college, I HATED putting together presentations with images because you always had to include the information about where you got the image on the PowerPoint slides. I attempted to read the information on the Creative Commons page about licenses, but I'm still a little confused. I understand that attribution is going to be the least stringent about copyright and that no derivative works is, "the most restrictive," but am I supposed to be giving some sort of credit to the photos I use from the attributions group? I looked through some of my fellow bloggers' posts and didn't see anyone who had posted a credit. Thoughts, anyone???

I think I could use Flickr in my classroom in at least two different ways. First off, I am DETERMINED to get PhotoStory into my curriculum this year, and Flickr would be a great resource for my students to use when creating their own PhotoStories. Second, I would like to use Flickr to find an interesting photo to put up on the projector and have students create a story to go along with the photo. Now, I'm going to leave you with some images I found about reading, because that is my main goal today. Well, that and to have my electrician hardwire my dining room with electricity for my chandeliers and wait on a window repair man to come fix my front bedroom window which my loving husband destroyed after mowing over a rock in our front yard! Ciao!

(Okay, I got the images on here, but they posted at the beginning of the post, and I don't like where they are! How in the heck do I change this? I've tried a few different things, but I haven't figured it out. If you have some suggestions, please let me know.)


  1. Awesome photos! They generally do load at the top of the blog. Go back to edit the blog, highlight the part that describes the photo (html), then cut and paste it where you actually want it. At least, that works for me.

  2. Here's an interesting blog (scroll down a bit) about giving credit for Flickr photos.

    You're right...most folks don't mention Flickr, but I think we're supposed to create a link back to the site. I'll have to ask Vaughn about that.

  3. all photos come in at the top...the default position. you can also grab the picture and drag it thru the text to where you want it. You can alsways go back to a post and edit sure to push publish after you edit.

    also when you are uploading, you have a choice left, right, center, or no position...these will also help place your pictures.


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