Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Thing #10:Online Image Generators

Okay, this was my favorite thing so far! I had way too much fun, and if I kept playing, I would never get to this post! We have a long-standing joke about how Stan from the cartoon American Dad is the cartoon-version of my husband, Robert. (We even looked for American Dad figurines to put on our wedding cake, but we didn't find them in time!) These image generators were awesome! If I had this much fun playing around with them, I am positive that my students would have a blast. My favorite generators were:

Comic Strip Generator (where I made Stan)
Foto Trix (where I made Robert)
Image Chef (where I made baby Holland)
and Wordle

Comic Strip Generator and Foto Trix would be great in my LA classes, as we already use blank comic strips to allow the students to use their words to convey what is going on in the picture. With this web generator, I wouldn't have to go searching through newspapers, I could just search through the site. There were a lot of different things you could do on Image Chef, but with the picture I created of baby Holland, you could use the site to make rewards and acknowledge students who did a great job on a project or by being an outstanding citizen. Wordle is definitely a program that I will be bringing into my class to make signs and maybe tags for group assignments. The only thing that I did not like about it is that I couldn't figure out a way to keep my words in order if I wanted to have it make sense; I couldn't take a quote from a movie or book and keep the words in order.

These generators will come in handy when students are ready to publish pieces of writing, teachers want to create special reminders of assignments, or if you want to have a fun and unique warm-up.


  1. Love the cartoon and real photo! This thing, by far, has been my favorite also. By the way, you have a great blog name.

  2. Thanks! I'm quite surprised that I ever even made it to the actual blog post- those sites were addicting!

  3. CUTE! Too cute. He really does look like Stan.


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