Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Thing #12: Creating Community Through Commenting

This thing was difficult for me because I prefer to just "lurk" and read websites and blogs, but here I am, out of the shell and commenting away on perfect strangers' blogs! I very much enjoyed reading How to Comment Like a King (or Queen!) by Cool Cat Teacher. She made it easier for me to get our there and comment. The etiquette discussed by Drape's Takes is important to me and reminded me of one of my education courses at Texas A&M where we taught students in Taiwan English via the internet. We have to remember that as bloggers, we are reading words, not sitting there having a face-to-face conversation with a person, so we don't know if someone is being sarcastic and funny, or if they are genuinely trying to hurt another's feelings with their comments. I used to read the message boards on The Bump (a website for pregnant women), but people were so catty and snide that I got tired of the site and jumped ship. So I think the most important things to remember about blogging and commenting are:
* Remember internet etiquette
* Hyperlink to help out your readers (Also, this can serve as free advertising to your peers!)
* Respond to comments when possible
* Attempt to make comments that are helpful
* To get more comments, ask questions in your blog (Vaughn is excellent about answering mine!)

I commented on the following Library2Play blogs:

I ventured over to Dr. P's Blog due to the mention from Cool Cat Teacher. He is a principal in Arizona. (I'm very interested in becoming an administrator.) While on his blog, I found his mention of Chris Lehmann, a principal in Philadelphia, and went on over to his blog, Practical Theory. Both bloggers have similar "circles" as Cool Cat Teacher, and I'm looking forward to reading what they all have to say about education and administration. Alright, I'm blogged out for the day! Good night to all, and please feel free to leave me any links that you think might be interesting about teaching, administration, being a new parent, etc!

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  1. I have enjoyed following your blog. The way you express yourself has tickled me sometimes and I can also relate to a lot of what you write. Keep up the good work - yours is much better than mine!!


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