Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thing #13: Tagging and Discover Delicious

I personally did not enjoy this thing AT ALL! I understand the point of, but I guess I'm not so advanced in my technology needs and skills that I would use this if I was on someone else's computer. I have not figured out how to really share my bookmarks with other people, but I'm sure that it would be beneficial to use with my students and peers. I plan on keeping a website or blog for my classes this next school year, and I feel that I could just as easily share bookmarks on there vs. I did like how you could see the most popular and even all of the sites that other people on the site have tagged with a particular tag. I would be careful about using this in the classroom with immature students. I'm sure the site wouldn't necessarily open in the district for the students due to firewalls, but I still don't need a student to click on a particular tag to see what is most popular only to come across highly inappropriate sites/titles.

Just a few quick questions/comments:
1) Why did I watch the video about podcasting? I enjoyed it, but I don't really get what that had to do with this exercise.
2) Ma.gnolia does not work; the site says they are to start back up sometime this summer.
3) In regards to Thing #12: Is there any way that I can be updated if someone has left me a comment somewhere on my blog other than me just looking through my blog?


  1. i think Technorati is doing some work or is having issues this week..I have seen reports of "trouble" with it.

    You have a rally full plate...not everyone is trying to learn technology days before a baby is due!! So put this on the back burner for now with this thought... think of tags in terms of subject headings or keywords....what you used to do in the old-fashion card catalog and what you still use when you use a library online catalog...
    You may find it easier to understand the reasoning behind tags if you think about this idea...

    also think about a file label your folders with certain terms and put all the related papers in that folder. In the 2.0 worl, many times you have NO "folder" but the tag acts like the folder title...when you apple the tag to a site you have filed it under that term so you ca nfind all related sites!

    hope this helps...anyone else what to chime in? Please!

  2. answer to question #1...that was the wrong link..I have gone in and fixed the link to social bookmarking!

    answer to question #3...when you set up your blog, there is a way for you to tell it to let you know when comments are can also have the comments come to your mailbox before they are published. Go back into your dashboard and look at your settings for can make some changes to help you there!

  3. Thanks- I have it e-mailing me now when comments are posted. Also, hopefully I wasn't being too picky about the podcast thing- I was just super confused! :)


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