Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thing #14: Technorati and How Tags Work

Apparently, I'm not digging the week of tag-related things. I understand their validity and how they can be useful, but I'm just not feeling sites like and Technorati. (I'm sure a lot of techies love it; I probably would too, but keep reading to find out about my experience...) After watching the video about the updates to Technorati, I was excited to try it again after much disappointment with the site in Thing #9. However, the site looks nothing like it does in the video. It is not set up anything like it is in the video. In the video, it makes the site seem VERY user-friendly, but when I got there, I was incredibly overwhelmed. You cannot search for tags and blogs the way it was described in the video about updates.

When doing the keyword search for "school library learning 2.0," I found that the same results came up for blog posts and blog directory, but a different list came up in tags.

I searched for "new parents" on my own. If you search for this in posts, you get incredibly random, off-topic blog posts that have absolutely nothing to do with the search. When you search for it in the blogs, you find blogs that are more relevant to the topic. I found Dear Dr.MOZ Baby Blog and The Opinionated Parent. When I go back to Technorati right now and search, I come up with the screen that I posted at the beginning of all of this. (Not just once, but several times!) I don't think that I will be claiming my blog anytime soon. Maybe one day I will be inspired to be the next Cool Cat Teacher, but for now, I'm totally tagged-out!

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