Sunday, July 19, 2009

Thing #19: Web 2.0 Awards

I enjoyed exploring this thing. Some of the sites were not free, but they sound like they would be incredibly useful. Mango would be great for me to learn (or re-learn) conversational Spanish in order to better communicate with some of my students and their parents. I know that there are free podcasts available on iTunes, so I may try those instead. Also, Backpack looked really neat and would be great to use with a team of teachers. You could keep all of your meetings, schedules, documents, and reports in one place for the team to view and use instead of having to e-mail or call each other.

I currently use Twitter as a status updater. I have been on Facebook for years to keep up with friends from elementary, high school, college, and work. My husband set up a profile for me on Linked In, but I have never really used it. He tells me that it is more like a professional Facebook to use to network. Also, I just used Zillow yesterday after my mom told me about it. It was neat to be able to see what your house and others in the neighborhood were being appraised for.

Several of the resources that we have already played with in 23 Things made the list. However, I explored three others that could be beneficial to my own needs. I liked .docstoc a lot. I will definitely use this in my classroom next year. I was able to find documents for character analysis, plot diagram, and a really helpful document with writing prompts- 501 to be exact! Lulu was another site that I visited. There you can create and publish your own books of writing or photos and then sell them! My husband's Memaw and I have been working for a few years on a book that she wrote about the family's history. I have edited it for her, but she has just kept it sitting on a cd. I can use Lulu to print up her book and distributed among the relatives. The last site that I visited that is helpful to me personally is MothersClick which I can use for my new parenting needs.

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  1. I know of a number of teachers who would love those writing prompts, but apparently the document has been taken off the site. I guess that tells me to be careful of what is posted or to download quickly, I am not sure which.


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