Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thing #22: Nings

I'm glad that I read the 7 Things You Need to Know About Ning because I went into this thinking that a Ning and a Wiki were the same thing. Obviously, they are not! I had a little bit of experience with a Ning when Cheryl had HawkSpace up at SWMS for students to talk about books. I explored some of Ning in Education and read a discussion about Nings in middle school. I would use a private Ning in my language arts classroom to have students discuss books and characters. However, I will be teaching sixth grade this next year. One of the posters on the Ning asked how to get around COPA as most of the students are under 12 years old, and I know that with HawkSpace, students had to be at least 14 to join. Some of the other posters on that particular discussion mentioned using other platforms like Moodle, but maybe it is best to just stick with a blog and Wiki for my younger students.

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