Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Thing #6: Mashups and 3rd Party Sites

I have been MIA for a short while now, but I'm back in the game. This thing was interesting- I loved all of the stuff to do with Big Huge Labs. The picture I've included is from Warholizer of me and my husband with my horse, Bella. Kids and adults alike would have fun playing around with all of these- definitely gives me an idea for places to go to make cool products next year with my LA students when they're ready to publish pieces. Mappr seemed neat, but I also like Yahoo! Travel Trip Planner. I think I may use this when my mother-in-law comes to town to stay with us when the baby gets here. Flickr Color Pickr was great, especially for an HGTV junkie like myself; it reminds me of the inspirational color wheels that some of the designers use to get clients to pick room colors. I definitely want to play with the Mosaic Makr, but you have to sign-in to use your own pictures. When I get more than a few minutes, I will take advantage of that little gizmo. Can you say Christmas card 2009?!?! Oh, and apparently, I figured out how to link inside my post...sorry if I got a little link-happy! :)

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  1. the links in your blog post are important of the factors that makes a blog post more useful...the immediate ability to brin up additional info!

    good for you learning how and good for you using!


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