Saturday, July 4, 2009

Thing #8: RSS Feeds and Readers

As mentioned in my post earlier this morning, my husband is a Google Reader addict. After talking with him about the gadgets I played with on Google for Thing #7, I found out some incredibly shocking news: My husband follows Ashton Kutcher on Twitter!!! I just about died laughing. (Apparently, the actor's Twitter page is "really funny sometimes.") So I went on to set-up my own Google Reader.

I like what readers are all about- get the headlines without having to deal with all of the ads and pop-ups that are usually associated with just regular web-surfing. It's like getting the newspaper without having to deal with the giant Macy's advertisement for their sale on summer swimwear or Mac Haik's great discounts this week only! I also like the fact that I can organize my subscriptions, so I can make part of my reader for fun stuff and another part for educational/work-related stuff. Also, it is great that you can share the top stories with friends, families, and co-workers with just a click of a button. (This is how my husband has been keeping me in the loop with random celebrity gossip without me actually having to start back up on my Perez Hilton addiction.)

I think the second and third questions for this thing can be grouped together in my instance. My reader is going to allow me to stay updated on the latest happenings in my district and advice from fellow teachers. It can also be used for pure entertainment. Luckily, I have the option to separate the two worlds, so I can hop on my reader to be Professional Teacher Allie, or I can scroll through Celebrity Junkie Allie headlines.

Here are some of the sites that I have subscribed to:
Cheryl's blog (SWMS librarian extraordinaire)
The Book Whisperer (A LA teacher in Texas who blogs for Teacher Magazine)

Any more suggestions? I am very interested in LA teacher blogs.

Also, I think I will be checking out setting up my own Twitter page. It may be the best thing to do with the child on the way.


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