Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Thing #9: Useful Library-Related Blogs and News Feeds

I was very inspired by Cool Cat Teacher's post about creating my circle. I loved how she summed it up:
" Let me ask you this: if you were able to read the writings of Abraham Lincoln, or CS Lewis, or Ghandi, or Dale Carnegie on a daily basis, would you have done it?"

I think it is very easy to see why she won Edublog's award for Best Teacher Blog. Therefore, I went ahead and added her to my Google Reader. It will be very interesting to see what she has to say in the coming weeks as I gear up to go back to school.

The easiest search tools for me to use were Google Blog Search and Blogline's search tool. Edublog was set up very oddly, at least I thought. (And, they do not apparently know how to spell the word them... great, an education site that does not spell properly!) Syndic8.com and Technorati were frustrating to me (even after attempting to watch the tutorial).

I found a blog that I have added to my Google Reader using Blogline: Free Technology for Teachers. This blog also won an EduBlog award in 2008. I chose to add this blog to my feed because I am getting an ActivBoard in my classroom this next year, and I would like to be able incorporate more technology into my classroom than I did this past school year. I will be looking at both of the blogs that I added to see who is on the blogrolls as suggested by Cool Cat Teacher to continue forming my circle of the wise.

Off-topic, but something I would like help on: How do you do a snapshot of a website to include in a post? I'm going to go Google it and see what comes about, but if you beat me to it, please let me know. Thanks!


  1. are you talk about a picture of a website page? If so, there are several ways...the easiest way for me on a PC to use the "prntscrn" (printscreen) key on the top row of the keyboard. click it..you will not hear anything.

    Then I open a PPT screen and paste...there will extra stuff you won't want and you can use the crop tool in power point. be sure and save the image as a jpg and then you can upload it into your blog post using the picture icon on the post box toolbar!

    How to crop

  2. sorry i tred to leave you a hot link...didn't work.. here is the url


  3. Thanks, Vaughn! I'm hooked on it now! You've created a monster!


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