Sunday, June 20, 2010

Thing #1: The Networked Student

And we're back!

I'm very happy to be back at these "things," but this summer has presented a completely different challenge than last year... toddler lurking around, wanting to play, eat, and make mischief. So, please pardon the crazy random time stamps on my posts!

After watching the video about networked students, I'm thinking:

Students: When I was a kid, someone who had all of this information would've been considered a complete dweeb. Now, having access to various resources (and knowing what to do with said resources) makes you intelligent and in some cases, powerful. I'm amazed with all of the advances in technology. I'm even more amazed how quick students are to embrace it and become experts. Even though a lot of my students don't have a computer at home, they make it a point to get to the school or local library to access technology. Those who step outside of using it strictly for Facebook and MySpace will surely find that knowledge is power.

Video: I love the simplicity of the video. I've never played with Flip cams or any of the movie making software programs, but I'm sure this wouldn't be too hard for my students. It's nice for students who need visuals along with the audio, instead of constant lecturing and flip charts. I'm moving to a new subject area this next school year (social studies), and I will have a section of newcomer ELL students. I think making these videos would be a goal I could set for myself, as well as for my students.

Teacher/librarian: I agree with other L2P2 players. The librarian is a teacher- no question about it. He/She teaches students, as well as classroom teachers about how to access resources in a room full of books or on the web. I think it was very important for viewers to understand the part about how students must be taught how to judge a source's credibility and to distinguish between fact and opinions. As old-school as I can be, I truly see the value of using the various internet resources to network for information, career opportunities, or just for fun.

Looking forward to completing a few more things,

A Gal Named Al

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