Monday, June 28, 2010

Thing #10: Virtual Worlds

Sorry L2P2. This has been my absolute LEAST favorite thing. I'm not a gamer. I've never gotten into Sims or anything like that. I tried to be positive and try Second Life out multiple times, but I just don't enjoy it.

Here's a picture of me: AggieAl Viper at the airport for NOAA. I have no idea why I have a skirt on over jeans and two completely different shoes on. I tried and tried to get myself in an outfit, but somehow, this is what my avatar turned out as. During my first session, my avatar somehow managed to down an entire bottle of wine and then stumbled across the lands while onlookers yelled out, "Hey, she's hammered!" Great start. I found it sometimes easier to talk with other avatars to get information on how to do things. In the morning, people were pretty helpful.

The search option is NOT user-friendly. One avatar kept telling me that I needed to learn to use my search box. Well, I may be blonde in RL (real life), but that dumb search box was not working well with me. I went to several of the places suggested on L2P2, but when I went there, no other avatars were there. You could open up links to read online, but there weren't really people there to interact with.

When I went to random places on SL like a ski chalet, beach, and dance club, I truly realized how much I wasn't enjoying my experience. My avatar got hit on by a 13 year old boy (who shouldn't be on SL in the first place!), a blue fairy tried to eat me, some guy kept calling me a w**** and shouting the f-word, and when I asked questions about how to get to places where I could learn, lots of avatars told me to stop trying to learn and just play, buy stuff, etc.

I even Googled "How can I use Second Life in the classroom?" I found these slideshares (go figure!) I read through some of the posts about using SL and even asked a few avatars why they thought SL would be useful in the classroom. A lot of what I heard was: You can make learning more fun, and some students who are reluctant to do classwork may be more willing to learn in this gamer setting.

Okay, points taken. I'm sure SL can be a great tool for education and for getting students motivated. Can I be the reluctant one now and say that I'll pass on SL? It just wasn't MY type of thing. (Update: I don't think any of my current beach buddies have gotten to this thing yet, so I looked at blogs from last year's class. Apparently, I'm not the only one who feels this way, so I feel a lot better about not being into this one! Whew!)


  1. I'm sorry, I have to laugh at what happened with your outfit and that's only b/c as I was reading you outfit description I kept looking at your avatar and realized you were right. That's so weird. I totally agree with your experience on SL. I didn't enjoy it at all and I even went in thinking it would be cool, but it was the dumbest thing ever and I also didn't like the "weirdos" who seemed to be hanging out.

  2. I really enjoyed reading about your experience. I am leery of doing this activity b/c it seems really odd and weird that people actually play and have relationships on the computer. If you don't like your real life do something to change. I guess I will give it a try, but I wanted to see what it was all about by reading a random posting and yours was probably the best one for me open up. Now I will go and try it and am glad some one else shares the same idea as me when it comes to this stuff. I too and not a gamer or into any of this kind of stuff.


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