Saturday, June 26, 2010

Thing #6: iTouch Apps

As stated in previous posts, I have a phone from when dinosaurs first roamed the earth. My husband has an iPhone, and I find it helpful when we're looking up directions (if we're in my car that doesn't have GPS) or when we want the answer to a random question we have while driving: (How many albums did this band put out? What movies are playing this weekend?) I personally don't want an iPhone or iTouch for my everyday life. I just don't think I would use it.

Now, in the classroom, I can see students getting more excited about learning when you throw in iTouches. However, watching some of the videos, a lot of the students were talking mostly about how they like them for Facebook, MySpace, or for downloading music- not necessarily for helping them with their learning. I think the YouTube feature, camera, and internet connections would be useful in the classroom. Students can easily look up information, regardless of where they are. Students can communicate with each other, their teachers, and other resources via e-mail, blogs, nings, wikis, etc.

Here are some apps that appeal to my U.S. history class:

U.S. History Trivia Quiz (my 8th graders take a TAKS test in the spring)

Top 100 Milestone Documents- U.S. (look through documents that have shaped America)

iHistory (explores people, events, wars, inventions, etc)

Today in American History (significant events for each day)

Constitution (the U.S. Constitution right at your fingertips!)

I'm still not totally convinced, but then again, I'm NOT a Mac person.


  1. As you know You Tube is blocked in the district so that app is pretty worthless at school!
    There is another free app, Countries of the World, that has a boat load of information. I don't know if you study various countries, but you might look into it. It is as good as the district's ABC Clio if you are familiar with it.

  2. Lots of people have been commenting about YouTube being blocked in the district, but it wasn't blocked on my campus this past year.


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