Saturday, June 26, 2010

Thing #7: Video Resources

I viewed the video and looked through some of the information about fair use. On campus, we usually have posters in the copy rooms about legal limits about what can and can't be reproduced. I understand that I can pretty much show videos that I have found online. Does fair use correspond more with if I took videos I found online and put them into a video I made? This is what I was gathering from what I viewed.

I had trouble searching on The National Archives Video Collection. However, I went to their link and found a lot of great stuff to use in my class with reproducible primary sources!

Here are two videos that I found that I could use in my history class. Both are from PBS.

This first one I was able to embed because it had a code. This is a short film that reviews the key causes for the Civil War. This would be good to use with my eighth graders before and after the unit to help students quickly recall the main ideas.

The second video, I have to link to. (I guess because of its length.) I like that this video brings the history to life. (And I think students will like this option of seeing history in action, instead of just through photos) Instead of it being a slideshow, actors act out what happened and is mixed with interviews with historians. We Shall Remain

Watch the full episode. See more History Detectives.

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  1. Thanks, i'm going to try the primary sources link!!


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