Sunday, June 27, 2010

Thing #8: Screencast

Here's my try at a screencast. I used ScreenCastle. I made one about how to take screen shots and post them on your blog, hence the post below. When you click on it to play, please make it full-screen. I didn't use a mic (I detest listening to myself speak!), so I wrote commentary out and highlighted it as the screencast takes you through taking screen shots of websites. I think this was super cool! I could use this tool to go through instructions before heading into the computer lab and then leave it on my blog for students to refer to if they forget and without me having to repeat the same process seven million times! (I would use a mic for my actual classroom projects.) I also like how L2P2 suggested having students make screencasts so that next year's students could watch and see how other kids did something for my class. Sometimes, you feel like you say the same thing over and over in so many different ways that it would be nice to see it done and to have a student help another student with a classroom process.


  1. It could definitely take the place of those lessons that you do over and over again!

  2. Loved screencast-o-matic. I am going to try to have my elem. kids use this.


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