Sunday, June 27, 2010

Thing #9: Slideshare

The question for this thing is: Would it be important for students to use Slideshare? If so, why?

My answer: I don't know that it is necessarily important or essential for students to use Slideshare, but I do see a few advantages to the program.

- You can share your presentation with others on a website instead of just through e-mail.

- You can do voice over instead of just having the audience read your slides/notes.

- You can search, view, and download others' slideshows.

- You can embed your slideshow onto your blog and other websites.

I'm not sure about high school as it has been a while since I was in it, but I know in college, slideshow presentations were a requirement for many of my courses. If students are able to practice making slideshows, they will be able to work on their presentation skills, something that will only help them later in life when they have a job.

As a teacher, this program is beneficial for the same reasons I listed for students. If students are absent, they can download your slideshow and listen to your presentation instead of just asking someone for the notes. I think a lot of the teachers who attend professional developments would find this useful to look at after the presentation to review the key concepts.

I looked through the channels on Slideshare, and there are currently only two contributors to the Education channel. Maybe this will pick up in the next few years so that educators can share ideas for their classrooms?

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  1. I didn't see many advantages to this, but maybe it's b/c I'm an elem. teacher. It is a combo of powerpoint and photostory due to the narration possibilities. I suppose it would also be easier to track your students' work instead of going into each of their folders.


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