Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tool #2 Building Community in the Online Environment

I've completed something like this before in one of the previous years of "Things" blogging. Looking back at old posts, I seem to have thought that I would have used the readers and bookmarking sites, however I haven't in the past few years. Part of me likes the element of surprise when going to a favorite blog to see if there's a new post or not. I think in this day in age, we are "updated" way too often.

I like the idea of building a personal learning network. I always enjoy participating in programs where I meet educators from other schools, districts, cities, and states and getting ideas for things to try in my own classroom. The internet has made this even easier. Speaking of easy- it was NOT easy finding blogs related to my content that have been kept up. Here's one that I did find and have added to my favorites: History Tech I plan on checking this one out some more as we test out more technology in the social studies classroom.

Commenting on other blogs wasn't difficult, as I have done it in the past. However, since not everyone has gotten very far in this project, it was a little hard to make very constructive comments. Luckily, the 2 computer teachers on my campus have gotten pretty far and offered a lot of helpful info. Check them out: Dunn's Dithers and Lora's 11 Tools Blog

Finally, if you want a laugh, check out my hubby's Voki on his 11 Tools Blog: Lee's Blog

Monday, June 11, 2012

Tool #1 Getting Started

As you can see, I've participated in 23 Things and 11.5 Things in the past. I've continued to add onto my old blog for 11 Tools. I think it's funny to look back on old blog posts and see if I've done any of those things in my classroom. Umm, about that... Technology has changed some since my last visit to this blog, so we'll see how things go this time around with having working (hopefully) computers and resources in the classroom this next year.