Monday, July 23, 2012

Tool 11: Reflection

I'm surprised that I knew what a lot of those quiz questions were asking me!

My new favorite tools are the apps for the iPad that SBISD suggested and the ones that I have downloaded for social studies, as well as some of the Web 2.0 tools like Big Huge Labs and Animoto. I also plan on using Today's Meet in my classroom for kids to be engaged in the lesson, especially during the reading and lecture portions of our lessons.

I have transformed my thinking in that I'm a bit more motivated to use technology and Web 2.0 tools in my classroom. I attended a conference this summer for American history that provided a lot of tools and online resources to try out with my students. I can't say for sure what changes I will need to make in my classroom just yet because I don't know what devices I will have in my classroom- if we're going to need to be hooked up to power cords every other class period and such. I will have to make time to incorporate it more, and once we know what the new class schedule will be, it will be a bit easier to figure things out.

There weren't really any unexpected outcomes from this project for me- other than the quiz at the end. I feel confident using a lot of the tools and still haven't been 100% swayed that technology is the be-all, end-all.


  1. I totally agree with you that technology and the tools are not the end all and be all for education! They are just a tool and will only be as effective as the teacher makes them and has the students use them in the most effective and appropriate ways! You will be one of those teachers who does that! You are always thoughtful in your planning! Congrats on completing your 11 tools!!

  2. Congrats on finishing the tools-I know you will use the technology when you see it is helpful for the students' understanding.

  3. I am interested to see what you have in your tablet of tricks for kids. Have no worry with the implementation of technology in the curriculum. It is only a tool to be used when seen fit.


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