Monday, July 23, 2012

Tool 3: Finding Online Video and Image Resources

I like using YouTube and PBS for videos for my classroom. You do have to be careful and make sure that the following videos that pop up aren't inappropriate, and it's always important to preview a video before showing it to your students. I like using YouTube because it has a lot more creative and engaging videos than the traditional video source sites. I've heard that Spring Branch won't be getting Discovery Ed again this next year anyway. Here are two videos that I like for my 8th grade US History students:
I love this one for a hook for the War of 1812 and then coming back to it at the end of studying this war.
An American history teacher friend has posted this on her Facebook, and I want to share this with my students this year when we study the Declaration of Independence in the American Revolution.

I hated that 10 minute Disney video. The Playing with Media page was much easier to understand. I can't believe the attribution tools that are available today! I was in school with internet and everything, but geez, it has advanced sooo much that it makes me feel like it is a double edged sword- great and useful but encouraging laziness.

I think that Dropbox will be wonderful to use in the classroom this next year. Last year, I did a Lewis & Clark project and gave suggested websites for students to view and play on, but every class period, it was, "MISS!!! This website is NOT working!" (After double-checking their spelling, they'd eventually get it!) It will also be useful for students to access everything from home as well.

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  1. Allie-I have not used dropbox, but that happens often in the library also. I like your idea to put the websites in the box so that the students will have them right there.


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