Monday, July 23, 2012

Tool 6: Using Web Tools to Promote Discussion

I've used Edmodo, Google Docs, and Blogger in the past with my students. I had high hopes for Edmodo, but I was pretty disappointed. I think it would be easier to just use Facebook with the students since that's something that automatically log into every day. For this next year, I would like to try Wallwisher and Today's Meet. Here are the samples that I have created that could be used in my classroom:

I like that Wallwisher allows users to include links to videos and websites when they post. This is a great way for students to support their answers.

Here's the link to my Today's Meet:
This gets kids into the discussion without having to raise their hand. They can pose questions, answer questions, make a comment, etc. The only thing that concerns me about this is students getting off-task and not paying attention to the lesson and content.

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  1. I am sure at the beginning of using Today's Meet that might happen, but with use and guidelines I think they will rise to the occasion.


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