Monday, July 23, 2012

Tool 7: Reaching Outside Your Classroom

I actually have a planned project for this year, given that it is an election year. I would like my 8th grade social studies classes to collaborate with a math team on campus, depending on which grade level needs the practice with data and percentages and such.

Our goal: Given a mock election, TLW analyze campus-wide election results by detecting patterns to predict the nation's presidential election outcome.

We plan to implement: End of October, beginning of November, prior to the presidential election

What tools we plan to use: Google Docs to share data with math, Today's Meet to share election updates with other classes on election day and more

Description of the project: History students will study the election process and will register voters and participate as election volunteers to distribute ballots, mark voters, etc. Math students will use election results to study patterns, percentages, and make an educated guess as to who will win the presidential election.

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