Monday, July 23, 2012

Tool 9: Classroom Devices as Tools for Learning

1. Tying technology into your objectives is important because it keeps many students engaged in the lesson. In our district, we talk a lot about epidsodic teaching, and technology allows us to do that. However, I think we should be cautious to not over-do it. If our ultimate goal is for students to be successful, and in our state, that means passing the standardized test which is pencil and paper, we shouldn't get too tied up and being techie for every single thing we do in the classroom.

2. We should hold students accountable for stations to ensure that they are on-task and not abusing the technology. I like the idea of having the techies of the week to help with the devices and being the go-to person before coming to the teacher.

3. I really liked Thinkfinity and will be using it this year with its tie to the state standards- awesome! I also used the SBISD resources. It's nice to be able to borrow from others without having to work everything out on your own from the ground up.

4. This interactive whiteboard app is neat- students or the teacher can use it to review for a quiz/test or re-teaching in small groups. This brainstorm app seems pretty similar to Wallwisher and Google Docs and could be helpful in small groups.

5. Another way my students could use these devices would be to make a recap video or tutoring video for classmates about something we've been studying in class. They could use it to record their tutorial session and post it for classmates to check out when studying at home or as an extension activity.

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