Monday, July 25, 2016

Life With the Lees: Weekend Recap 7.25.16

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! This past weekend, we obviously hung out in the pool.

And then we had some fun in the sun with our pup, Jagger.

We're fortunate to have 7 different playgrounds within walking distance of our home, so we've hit up each one this week.

Robert and I have been marveling at how Trip is starting to look like a tweenager instead of a little kid. The new go-to is black boot socks with sneakers!? (And if you see the same outfit on repeat, that's because it is. Once the Circo shorts come out of the laundry, they immediately get put back on!)

We finally got around to making a dreamcatcher for Ari's room. She believes in its magical powers, but only time will tell if it really is magic! We did our own thing but got ideas from this video.

I made some of our new favorite snacks, Mint Chocolate Balls (Come back Thursday for the recipe!)

We went shopping for new shoes for the kids, and I ended up buying myself multiple pairs instead. If you're looking for cushioned and comfy work shoes, check out Famous Footwear. They had some of the same shoes that I found at DSW earlier this week but for half the price. You can also do the BOGO on clearance shoes at Famous. I decided this was the year I needed to spend more than $15 on a pair of shoes since I'm on my feet 8+ hours/day at work. Old lady shoes for the win!

Easy Spirit flats (Mine were on clearance)

And yesterday, we decided to move up our trip to Crocodile Encounter a day early due to impending storms this week. We had SO much fun! It was definitely a great belated birthday present for the Doodle!

I hope you have a wonderful week! If you're a teacher, stop by tomorrow for a glimpse into my classroom set-up. See you soon!

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