Monday, August 15, 2016

Life With the Lees: Weekend Recap 8.15.16

Happy Monday! Today's post is short and sweet (I know, it sounds like I'm just describing myself, right?!) We're back to work and the kids have been enjoying some ranch time down south with their Lea-Lea. Here they are with their horses, Bella and Starr.

I enjoyed a dinner with my friend Geraldine at Coltivare. G's baby girl is due this fall, and it's fun to see so many of my friends becoming mommies! And speaking of babies, I got to meet my friend Rebecca's cutie this weekend! It's funny how different a 3 week old is vs. a 7 year old!

And because I have an illness, I've already been scoping out the Halloween decorations. I've bought a copper jack o' lantern and some dish towels, but I thought this painting from Kirkland's might give some inspiration to the kids for their seasonal canvas paintings:

I have 5 days left to get my classroom (and self!) ready for my new students! I'll be back Wednesday for a What I Wore link-up. Hope to see you then! 

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