Monday, August 29, 2016

Life With the Lees: Weekend Recap 8.29.16

Happy Monday! Hard to believe it's already the 2nd week of school! Our weekend started off with me having to explain to the pre-K teacher that Ari is just slightly obsessed with KISS. Can you tell which one is Gene Simmons aka Demon?

We celebrated our first week of school by visiting a new mom and pop Italian restaurant. The kids enjoyed some alfredo, and Aurelia tried out her odd smile pose. 

On Friday night, we did what all cool young couples do...visit the grocery store toy aisles! A certain someone has been asking us to snap photos of suggestions to send to Santa. Although toy prices at the grocery store aren't always very competitive, they did have some blowout items, and I was able to score a super cheap DigiBird for Ari's stocking for St. Nicholas Day

Saturday morning had us up and at 'em ready to shop 'til we dropped!

We don't really understand what Pokemon are, how you catch them, why you catch them, etc. but the kids had fun posing with the decorated Target ball. We had the best pharmacist at our Target pharmacy, but when they switched over to CVS, she was moved to a different store. We didn't know it, but she was at the location we went to, and she talked us into getting our flu shots. Target is currently offering a $5 Target gift card for each flu shot. Our insurance covered our shots, so we basically got paid to get shots! We hit up a few more stores, and St. Nicholas may have found some paint your own dinosaur and horse toys on super clearance at Ross! (Don't worry, St. Nick paid way less than Amazon!) 

Roo and I stopped by The Little Eclectic House to pick up some candles for my aunt. This cute boutique always has free treats on Saturday from a local bakery, and today we tried a Mexican chocolate with caramel cream cookie sandwich. I'm currently researching recipes and will see if I can find one that's worthy of sharing!

Ari has the BEST teacher in the world! (She was Trip's teacher, too!) When I opened up Ari's backpack this weekend, I found a horse drawing book that Mrs. Y had loaned Ari for the weekend with a sweet note. We are so fortunate to have such an amazing teacher!

After 10+ days of rain, we enjoyed some swimming and then grilled one of our favorite chicken recipes. Stop by on Thursday when I share the recipe for lime chicken! It's delish!

We wrapped up our weekend with a viewing of Beethoven and some chores. It's so fun to watch 90's movies with the kids! I hope that you have a wonderful week. I'll see you back here on Wednesday when I link-up for What's Up Wednesday!


  1. Enjoy your blog. I am wondering what your experience was like with thredup. Please let me know. Are you on poshmark? Thanks....

    1. I'm so glad you asked this- it was on my to-do list to check on! So far, I'm irritated with Thredup. They never contacted me to say they even received my bag. I get a million emails from them trying to get me to buy their stuff. As of right now it says they have my bag- have to do some more research about if/when I get any money.

      I'm not on Poshmark. I chose Thredup because they took kids' clothes and Target brands. I wish I could afford pieces to sell on the higher end sites! :) Happy to hear from you!


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