Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Show & Tell Tuesday: WORST School Pictures

Hi all! Grab some popcorn and be prepared for the amazing awesomeness that this post is going to provide you- my WORST school pictures! I'm linking up with Andrea over at Momfessionals- you should join us!

I went to private school for 10 years which equates to me wearing navy blue and plaid for more than 1,800 days of my life. This was me in pre-school. Can't believe my youngest is already this age, too!

I'm assuming this was kindergarten and 1st grade.

Not a school picture, but my mother prided herself on making intricate, gigantic bows. I wore the bows and was forced to take the bows out by the referee at EVERY.SINGLE.GAME. 

I'm not sure what LifeTouch was thinking with these backgrounds- maybe they were encouraging young children to pursue careers in law? Please note that the top was one I saved my money for to buy from Limited Too, and I know I purchased the watch strictly for its indiglo feature. This is the beginning of my awkward "smile" photos- maybe 4th grade?

Performing "Casey at the Bat" at the school's Poetry Night. A peach GAP ensemble with tights and espadrille sandals (before they were cool!) This is maybe 4th or 5th grade?

So, in 5th grade, my mom took me to see Charlene, our hair dresser. Charlene and my mom start talking about ideas for my hair, and BINGO! They tell me that Dorothy Hamill's haircut is going to be GREAT on me! They're so excited about it, and I've got no clue who Dorothy Hamill is. Surely she looks like Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, right?

Oh, Allie, you're not in Kansas anymore! 

Worst haircut of my life. Even my own family teased me unrelentingly. 

They told me I looked like a different Olympian, Mary Ellen Clark, to which my uncle said, "Oh, that lady looks like Gary Busey!" So I was called "Gary" and "Mary Ellen" for a solid year. It's amazing I have never been on a therapist's couch. 

By 8th grade, the hair had grown some, and I adopted the bob for a while. 

Braces didn't come off until the very last day of 9th grade - Apparently I was really into the TIGI Bed Head hair look?!

10th grade- the hair dying started the summer before, and I was always up to sport my handmade accessories, including earrings made out of keys and purses made out of cereal boxes.

This was the beginning of 11th grade- VERY blonde and lots of thrift store tiny t-shirts!

My high school boyfriend's prom- this was the only year of my life that I had a tan (and the only time I sported rhinestones on my clothing!)

The velvet draping was tres chic!

My senior year wardrobe consisted of handmade iron-on t-shirts with random sayings, jeans, flip flops, and a corduroy sherpa jacket on cold days. If you didn't actually know me, based on my clothing choices, you probably assumed I hung out with the "bad" kids instead of my actual friends that were all valedictorians.

And some final real high school snaps!

Well, we survived the 80s, 90s, and 00s without cell phone cameras and Instagram filters! Come back tomorrow when I share my 3 favorite shoes for Erika and Shay's Stranded Link-Up!


  1. Good lord girl!! You haven't aged since high school!!

    1. Ha! I think the same can be said for you, too! I enjoyed turning 30 this year and being able to say I still looked quasi-teenagerish!


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