Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Stranded: Footwear Edition

Happy Wednesday! Today, I'm linking up with 2 of my favorite bloggers, Erika and Shay to talk about footwear.

If you know me well enough, you know that I have lots of irrational fears, including being barefoot. It's just not something I ever want to do- remember your science class when they talked about catching hookworms in your feet if you played in your yard barefoot? We took a social studies teacher trip to visit a Buddhist temple, and all of my friends pulled out socks to put on when they entered. I totally didn't think ahead and then spent the entire trip thinking about everything my bare feet were possibly coming in contact with. Even INSIDE of my own house, I won't go barefoot! Enter my favorite (and cheapest) shoes on the list- Old Navy Flip Flops!

My newest favorite pair of shoes aren't the cutest shoes on the block, but now that I'm fully committed to a workout routine that isn't training for a 5K, I purchased some trainers. My feet and legs feel SO much better now that I'm working out in a more appropriate shoe. These are the New Balance Trainer with Cush+. They're so comfy that I even talked Robert into the men's pair. 

For my 3rd pair of shoes, I was going to show you some riding boots from Target, but realistically, I spend more time in sandals than boots. I own several pairs of these sandals from Target and wear them to work or to go out on the weekends, but my most comfy pair that I wear for the swim meets that last over 6 hours are the Callie flip flop from Mossimo at Target. I have purchased 2 pairs now- they're cheap, easy to clean, and feel a lot like Tevas. 

Tell me in the comments below- what are YOUR favorite shoes that you just can't live without? Then, join us next month for the next edition of Stranded- favorite movies! Come back to see me tomorrow when I'm sharing my go-to recipe for overnight oats!


  1. I love your picks!! The last pair of flip flops from Target!!?!? I totally need some! ;)

  2. Out of all the shoes I've seen on other blogs....these are the most realistic for me and relatable!!! 😀 Old school New Balance are my go to shoes!!

    1. I don't think I'll be able to go back to anything else- New Balance has really kept my knees in line.

  3. This is Rebecca, I don't know my log in....
    OMG I'm the same way too about being barefoot!! In 7th grade science we learned about the hookworm thing, too, and now I REFUSE to go barefoot in the grass!


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