Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Trip's 7th Birthday: Olympics!

So, I LIVE to throw a party- entertaining is in my genes! This year though, I opted to go "simple" (or so I thought!) Being a summer baby and having a pool in the backyard means that Trip is basically going to be stuck with some sort of swimming party at home for the next decade! (Insert my tiny violin to play a very sad song here!)

We jumped on the Olympic theme easily with Trip's love of games and swimming and with Rio being right around the corner. We went on Pinterest to get ideas and started out with our invitations. We were inspired by this listing on Etsy.

Here's their version:

But instead of spending $35 on invitations, I ordered sparkly gold foam paper from Hobby Lobby and got to work on PowerPoint to craft our own invitations. We printed the invitations on sparkly gold scrapbook paper and hot glued the discs onto the gold foam paper. I hot glued the ribbon between the discs and then hot glued the discs together. We mailed the invitations off in square shaped kraft paper envelopes (You will need to add additional postage for this type of mailing.)

Here's our version (Click to enlarge):

I've thrown quite a few baby and wedding showers lately, so I thought I was so resourceful in keeping all of the tissue poms and extra garlands I've made over the past few years to use for the primary color decor at Trip's Olympic party. The joke was on me though- a huge storm blew in toward the end of the party and completely melted the tissue poms and garlands, leaving nothing salvageable! FYI, the colored tissues will bleed and stain your siding when they are drenched. Sorry, Robert! Here's how we set up the backyard pre-storm:

For the Olympic rings, I bought packages of paper plates at our local Dollar Tree. They didn't have a bright yellow in stock, so I just painted some of the white plates with yellow acrylic paint. After cutting out the centers, I cut, taped, and assembled the plate rings into the Olympic rings. I strung clear fishing wire through the rings to hang the rings throughout the party. I've attached pictures in the order of how I assembled the rings:

For the party favors, I modified an image provided by Kaysi at Keeping It Simple to make a tag for bags of gold colored candies and a play medal. We took advantage of the post-July 4th clearance sales and scored the treat bags for less than $1!

Next, Trip and I brainstormed some activities for the kids to do at the party. We thought it would be fun to help our friends dress up in toilet paper togas. I made a printout with ideas for the kids to get ideas on how to make a toga. 

The kids teamed up to throw "javelins." Original idea found HERE

We bought the Bunch o Balloons and had a water balloon toss and a water balloon fight!

We had a big splash competition, too!

I had grand plans of the kids doing a Pin the Medal on the Athlete game. (Ignore my athlete's wonky eye!) Unfortunately, the sky opened up and we had to abruptly move out of the pool and into the house.

We had also purchased a piƱata to bash, but with the storm, we had to save it for another day. Now, onto my cupcake drama...

I had every intention of making ice cream cone cupcake torches a la Tatertots & Jello. I've done this before and have had no problems. Heck, I even watched some YouTube videos to get some new tricks to add to my repertoire. Piece of cake! 

Robert and I came home from date night, and I got started on icing my cupcakes. The frosting was a little loose, so I let it chill before I finally got it right and by 10 p.m., I was done. I opened up the fridge to store my 2 dozen torches for the night. As I walked to the fridge with my pan, I dropped EVERY. SINGLE. CUPCAKE.

I return from the grocery store and by midnight, I have 2 dozen torches that look even better than the first batch. I steady myself and walk my 2 dozen cupcakes to the fridge and drop 12 CUPCAKES! I screamed. I yelled. I threw cupcakes. I went to bed.

6 a.m, and it's the day of the party. I'm back from our 24 hour grocery store only to discover I forgot ice cream cones and bought the wrong icing. Uncle Tim comes in and tells me to "Make it work!" I fetch gold mini cupcake liners from my stash and set to work to make fire bowls. By 8 a.m., I'm done and call it a day. This kid is just going to get what he gets!

We finished the party with cupcakes and an ice cream sundae bar. The best laid plans may not always make, but the kids had fun, and I lived to blog about it, so it appears there will be more parties in our future! Follow my party Pinterest board HERE. Thanks for joining me today- come back Thursday when I share a new recipe for beef skewers with cilantro chimichurri sauce!

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