Monday, September 19, 2016

Life With the Lees: Weekend Recap 9.19.16

Happy Monday! Thanks for stopping by!

It was the weekend of Pioneer Woman recipes. We tried her beef tacos on Friday, chicken drumsticks on Saturday, and Ginger Soy Salmon on Sunday.

These were tasty- I added more cumin than what Ree called for.

These were just okay, too. Not very spicy and a little too lemony for my taste. A better drumstick recipe can be found HERE

This dish was okay. We couldn't decide if it had too much lime or too much honey or both. If we make it again, we'll reduce the amount of both. 

Ari has been requesting braided pigtails on Fridays, and she always reminds us of Snoop Dogg. She is now known as "Snoop Ari Ar."

Happy to know that at least one child loves homework! It is requested almost daily!

We Snapchatted with Sue-Sue and Grandpa while waiting for our slushes at Sonic on Friday night.

Someone wanted to have a sleepover with me and was in my bed and passed out before we could even have a discussion about what movie to watch!

The kids had their first soccer games on Saturday. I put Doodle to work and had him be the "parent" partner for Ari's league. The two of them had so much fun, and Trip was so sweet with Roo.

And then I'm a terrible mom because I only got one picture of Trip as the goalie at his game! Our good friends showed up to surprise him and cheer him on, along with Sue-Sue and Grandpa. Trip didn't let his fans down and scored a goal!

Ari and I stopped at Hobby Lobby and picked up some horse ornaments for Christmas. You know, just in case they sell out of ornaments within the next 96 days...

We have an insane schedule this next week, but I'm hoping the week will go by quickly so we can enjoy another fun weekend! See you back here tomorrow for Show and Tell Tuesday!

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