Monday, September 5, 2016

Life With the Lees: Weekend Recap 9.5.16

Happy Monday and Labor Day! We are enjoying this extra day of rest- the first two weeks of school were fast paced and tiring!

Trip and I stopped into Sprouts on Friday night and picked up a ton of produce and snacks for only $12! We're going to be adding this store to our weekly shopping more often. We used some of our Sprouts finds to make a steak quinoa salad for dinner on Saturday night.

Late Friday, my friend Rachel drove into town to stay with us. On Saturday, we met up with some more high school friends and enjoyed lunch at Hughie's and did some shopping in the Heights. Santa picked up a special collectible for a certain little girl who is obsessed with a 4 letter rock band.

We were craving something sweet Saturday night after dinner, but I wasn't in the mood to bake, so we all headed out to the grocery store to pick out a treat. Within three minutes of being home, I called Ari into the kitchen to get her ice cream, but she didn't come in. We found her like this:

We finished up our Sunday with a dinner at Sue-Sue and Grandpa's house and a viewing of Beethoven's Second.

Apparently Debi Mazar's character scared Ari:

I hope that you have a GREAT day off and a wonderful week ahead of you! Stop by tomorrow when I'm linking up for Momfessionals' Show and Tell Tuesday: 3 Things You Can't Live Without!

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