Thursday, September 1, 2016

Try It Thursday: Lime Chicken

Hi friends! It's almost the weekend, and in my eyes, the perfect weekend isn't complete without some Tex-Mex, especially fajitas! This past Thanksgiving, I started watching The Pioneer Woman. One of her first recipes that I had to try was her Tequila Lime Chicken. Ree's recipes are usually meant to serve a small army, and add to it that we're teetotalers, I had to modify the recipe just a little bit. The way I've typed up this recipe will serve a family of 4. Try it out this weekend, and let me know what you think!

Here's what you're going to need:
1.5 - 2 pounds of chicken breasts (We had 3 chicken breasts.)
2 limes
1/2 bunch of cilantro
3 cloves garlic (I use the jar of chopped garlic- so about 3 small spoonfuls.)
1/2 jalapeno sliced (I use about 5-8 slices from a jar of hot sliced jalapenos. You can use more or less depending on your taste.)
1 teaspoon kosher or sea salt
2 squirts of lemon juice
1/2 cup light Italian salad dressing (This with the lemon juice is the replacement for the tequila.)
1/8 cup olive oil
Colby Jack cheese

* In a blender, combine the juice of 2 limes, the cilantro, garlic, jalapeno slices, salt, lemon juice, Italian dressing, and olive oil. Mix until well blended.
* Trim the extra fat and skin off of the chicken breasts. I use a meat tenderizer on the chicken breasts to flatten them and enable the meat to soak in the marinade better. 

* Place the chicken breasts in a ziploc bag and pour the marinade in. Keep in the refrigerator until ready to grill. This is an easy meal to prep the night before!

* Turn your grill to medium-high heat. 
* Using aluminum foil, make a little tray to keep the juices from sliding down into the grill. Put the chicken breasts on the foil and pour the juice over the breasts. 

* Grill the chicken for about 7-10 minutes on each side.
* When the chicken is cooked, sprinkle cheese on each breast, and when the cheese is almost melted, turn the grill off and let the chicken sit for another few minutes.

* Chop up the chicken and serve in tortillas.
* These are great with salsa, guacamole, sour cream, onions, pico de gallo, and/or bacon crumbles, but they are also wonderful on their own! Enjoy!

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