Monday, October 24, 2016

Life With the Lees: Weekend Recap 10.24.16

Hola amigos! Hope you had a great weekend- we sure enjoyed our cooler temps here in Houston!

Last weekend, we broke our vow of being restaurant free for the month of October. We continued to break that rule on Thursday night. After a long day and a disappointing meeting, I'd say cheese sticks and popcorn chicken are acceptable!

While Ari had a friend over for a sleepover on Friday, Trip, Robert, and I busted out Clue. We had a good time, but I think Doodle needs a few more sessions to really get the hang of it. "Look Mommy! I checked off the Dining Room four times!" :)

I got some more Halloween costuming done on Saturday. Still not completed, but it's getting there. Any guesses?!

Whoever thought it was a good idea to space out soccer games by 5 hours was a crazy person. These two zonked on the car ride home.

I had some Mommy time at Hobby Lobby and gifted myself with some bakers for my kitchen this Christmas. I love nutcrackers! Feel free to buy them for me as a gift!

We went to cheer on the Spartans Saturday night. Ari loved cheering on the team- she gets it from her Nana!

Robert's school sold the cutest foam Spartan helmet, so we had to get one for T. He's been asking if he can wear it around the house!

Friday Night Lights on a Saturday

Watching the drill teams perform- pretty sure I can get away with never purchasing Disney on Ice tickets if I take her to watch halftime shows every once in a while! :) 

First day to wear jeans and long sleeves this season! We hit up Chipotle for lunch- I'm now determined to make my own chicken bowls at home- it's delicious! 

A little grocery shopping and then lots of homework and chores to wrap-up our weekend #JeepLife

Have a wonderful week! It's already the last Wednesday of the month! Join me back here on Wednesday to link up with Mel, Sheaffer, and Shay for What's Up Wednesday! See you soon!

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