Monday, October 31, 2016

Life With the Lees: Weekend Recap 10.31.16

Happy Monday, and Happy Halloween!

My friend had this posted on Instagram this weekend, and I had to share!

Last week, Ari got to wear a costume to her dance class. I wasn't done with this year's costume and wasn't so sure her teacher would "approve," so she went as last year's costume- Marshall from Paw Patrol.

On Friday, Roo had to dress as a book character for school. She chose Jill from The Pony Scouts series. Luckily, we had most of the costume on hand and only had to alter a baseball cap.

Trip's dress-up day was all about your dream career. He went as a paleontologist again this year!

Trip got to have a friend over this Friday, so Ari and I enjoyed some calorie free cupcakes! If you have a little girl, THIS game is so much fun! Santa brought it last year, and our whole family loves to play! Target is running a buy 2 games, get 1 free sale, so scoop it up for the gift-giving season!

On Saturday morning, Robert somehow got suckered into leading Ari's team practice.

Ari scored a goal! We let it get to Robert's head and said it was all due to his coaching earlier that morning! :) 

In between games, we early voted. Ari asked me to vote for George Washington and Washington, D.C.!

Trip played a good game and showed a lot of hustle!

On Sunday morning, he got to work on a poster for his friend's baseball game.

And we wrapped up the weekend with a baseball game! 

If you're wondering, I DID finally finish making our costumes for tonight! Join me back here on Wednesday for The Pleated Poppy's link-up, and I'll be sure to include a picture of our costumes! Have a great week! 

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