Monday, October 3, 2016

Life With the Lees: Weekend Recap 10.3.16

Hi everyone! This past weekend has me feeling a little like Trip...

Our Friday night started out with the doors off the Jeep and a date night (with kids in tow!)

We tried out Smash Burger for the first time in a few years. I had a plain ol' cheeseburger (ehh- it's okay, nothing special) but the onion rings were awesome!

Boys' side of the table- loving that we got to eat outside and enjoy the weather!

Robert got the Spicy Cowboy and enjoyed it but said he'd get the BBQ burger next time. The pricing was fairly high, especially for the kid meals. We'd go back with coupons.

Saturday morning = game day! Gotta prep with some shades and lips!


Driving to soccer without the doors was pretty chilly!

Coach Lee and me

We enjoyed some halftime entertainment when a skunk made an appearance close to the fields!

2 little monkeys

My mother-in-law got some cool action shots of Doodle's game.

See, Trip? You kick a lot better with your LEFT foot! :)

In the afternoon, we headed to our friend's birthday party. I've learned to become the YES mom when it comes to bounce houses, even though they totally skeeve me out!

Birthday party selfie

We tried to trick Sarah with a little trick from my Nana- wrap presents in food boxes!

You mean, you DIDN'T really get me fruit snacks!? 

We wrapped up our Saturday by polishing off a huge vat of queso at one of our favorite little Mexican restaurants. We then vowed to take a month off of restaurants and eating out. 

Join me tomorrow for a link-up with Momfessionals- it's all about Halloween! Have a great week!

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