Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday: Names and Nicknames

Hi everyone! Thanks for joining me today for Momfessionals' link-up! Today we're sharing all about names and nicknames.


My real name is Allison, but very few people have ever called me that! I've always been Allie, and my mom got that from the t.v. show Kate & Allie with SNL favorite, Jane Curtin.

But, even then, I don't remember many of my family members calling me Allie. Even to this day, I can hear my Nana in her Wisconsin accent laughing and saying, "Oooh Al!" (And on a similar note, my Popo always called me "Miss Al.") :)

So when I got to middle school, the name Al picked up with some of my friends and teammates. Being one of the smallest people on the teams, I got called "Big Al" for the majority of my middle school years.

This was also the time period of the t.v. show Ally McBeal, so I was also called "McBeal" for a while there, too!

I met Robert in college, and I don't think he's called me Allie in over 11 years. It's always Al and my favorite and most random nickname, "Mustang" a la the song "Mustang Sally?"

But I think the best name of all time is "Mommy!" Ari is still on a kick where when we go somewhere like the pharmacy or a store and I'm asked for my name, I start spelling A-l-l-i-s-o-n and she interrupts with "M-O-M-M-Y!" The pharmacist was really cute yesterday and played along and said, "Oh yes, I think I've found it here- Mrs. Mommy- that's you, right?" :) 


Trip's real name is Robert, but since he's the third and my Robert didn't want to share his name and didn't like the name Rob, Robby, or Bobby, we had to have another name to call him by. Robert has a big family and there are two other men that are thirds, so the nicknames "Tres" and "Trey" were already taken. My mother in law suggested Trip, and we liked Donald Sutherland's character, "Trip Darling" on the t.v. show Dirty Sexy Money. 

I've always called Trip "T" or "Doodle" for "Doodle Bug." It doesn't hurt that he's a very dedicated artist and always doodling! :)


Ari's real name is Aurelia Janette. She is named for one of Robert's great great uncles, Aurelio who helped bring the women and children over to Texas from Mexico when their family's haciendas were being destroyed by the guerrillas. I also loved the t.v. show Entourage and had claimed the name "Ari" because of the character, "Ari Gold." Janette comes from Robert's great great grandmother Janet (pronounced Janette) who was the matriarch of his family.

Aurelia probably has the most nicknames of anyone in our house. She goes by "Ari," "Roo," "Roo Roo," "Rels," "Relia," "Relia Roo," "Princess Sparkle Pants," and the list goes on!

With their powers combined, they are Doodle and Roo - to the rescue! :)

Thanks for stopping by and letting me share a little of my world with you today! Come back on Thursday to link-up with me for Try It Thursday. I'll be sharing a great 2-for-1 chicken recipe. See you soon! 


  1. You guys have tons of nicknames between you!! Love the doodle and roo pic!

  2. I don't know if you know this, _Allie, but Nana was no good at picking out names! Your mom was going to be "Dickie Sue" after Po, and I don't know the backstory on why it became just Susan! Then Jillsie was going to be "Pamela" and after she delivered, the OB said "she's not a Pam, she's a Jill." And I was supposed to be Mimi!

    1. That's too funny! Those names are TERRIBLE- thank goodness Nana had a change of heart! :)

  3. Love all your nicknames :)


  4. I love this!! I was named after a famous Spanish Soap Opera. Have a wonderful Tuesday Pretty lady <3


  5. Thanks for stopping by! I'm sure I made fun of my mom for having a t.v. show as a name basis and then I went and did the same!


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