Friday, November 25, 2016

Friday Favorites: Gifts for the Guys

Happy Friday! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving yesterday! Are you out braving the crowds today or bundled up on the couch watching Gilmore Girls? Or maybe you're shopping while watching! :) Thanks for joining me today as I link-up with three of my favorite bloggers, Erika, Narci, and Andrea. Please say hello in the comments below - I'd love to hear from you! And if you're new here, you can follow along with me on Facebook, Bloglovin', Instagram, and Pinterest.

Today, I'm sharing my favorite picks for my favorite guys! If you're planning on hitting up Target today, you can check out last week's post HERE. And if you're looking for some ideas for yourself, check out my Want, Need, Wear, Read post HERE.

Robert started using Harry's razors in 2015. I stole a shave one day and had him purchase me my own razor, too! We both find the razors give a really close shave without nicking our skin. A popular set to start with is the Truman Set. For $15, you get a razor handle, 3 blades, a travel cover, and a shave gel. Robert has very sensitive skin and has had no problems with Harry's shave gel. He also uses their face wash. We are now on a plan and use approximately 8 blades/month together with each blade costing under $2. I would definitely recommend giving a set or even a trial pack to the guy in your life. (And try it for yourself- you'll probably want one, too!)


I know YETI is super popular, but why spend $30+ when you can buy a very similar one for less than $10? My husband usually finds these cheaper in store than online, so if you're braving the crowds this Christmas, this tumbler makes a great stocking stuffer. (Or be like Robert and buy 6!)

Portable Speaker

Robert purchased THIS speaker this summer for us to use by our pool. In years past, we just turned up the sound as much as we could on our cell phones but couldn't hear much. With its Bluetooth connection, we're able to stream Pandora on it and hear our music throughout the backyard while we soak up the sun! And you can't beat the price- under $30!

Head Lamp

If your significant other is the grill master in your house, this Energizer head lamp may come in handy for these daylight savings nights. Our outdoor lighting isn't great, so when Robert grills at night in the winter, he wears this headlamp to tend to dinner. He also recommends this for working around the house whether it's fixing wires behind the t.v. or looking for stuff in the over packed garage. 


Last winter, I got the lady version of this jacket. This year, Old Navy had a 50% off outerwear sale, and I snagged this jacket for Robert for $25! It's super warm, easy to wash, and comes in regular, tall, and big sizes and 5 different colors. If your guy is like mine, he won't shop for a jacket himself and freeze in a light sweatshirt. Buy him the jacket - he may not purchase one himself, but he will definitely wear it!

Oakley Sunglasses

I will admit, I wasn't a huge fan of Robert spending this much money on sunglasses, but he does wear them ALL of the time. He purchased his through Amazon and got a much better deal than the Oakley store and Sunglass Hut.

5.11 Tactical Gear

5.11 Tactical is more of a wishlist store for Robert, but if your guy is a marksman, he'll appreciate just about anything from this store. One of the top items on Robert's list is these Stryke pants. They're on super sale right now, so head on over to check out clothing and top notch gear. 

And now for the little men in your life...

Magic Set

Santa will be bringing this Melissa and Doug magic set for Trip this year. He spied it at a small toy store a few months ago, and knowing the quality of M&D's toys, I'm really excited to see him play with it and put on shows for us!

Lego Sets

Lego sets are always on Trip's wishlist, and this year, he'll be getting a few. Santa is bringing Nexo Knight sets including the Mecha Horse and the Machine of Doom. His grandparents will be helping him build up his Star Wars Lego sets, too!

Walkie Talkies

Santa brought Trip these walkie talkies last year. He has a lot of fun using them when we go for bike rides or walks and gets to wander a little farther ahead of us. His buddy also has a set, so they had a phase of calling each other on them, too! I think these could come in handy at swim meets this next summer, too! 


If you've been reading my blog for a while, then you know that Trip is a dedicated artist. He has a variety of art supplies, but time and time again, he reaches for his Crayola Twistables. They have a variety of pack sizes and also make Twistable crayons. These would make a great stocking stuffer for any little boy in your life!


I grew up on these markers, and they're some of Trip's absolute favorites, too! These markers also come in a variety of sizes, but if your kiddo loves to draw, spring for the 50 pack- you'll want him to share with you! :) 

Remote Control Car

Last but not least, your little man can never have too many remote control cars! We're Jeep people (and Jurassic Park people, too!) so we got him this remote control car for his birthday. He's asking for a Ferrari this year. Whatever you get, it's sure to be lots of fun for the whole family! 

So, tell me what is on your guys' lists in the comments below!

Thanks so much for joining me today! I hope you have a fun weekend of shopping and/or finishing up all of your leftovers! See you back here Monday for our weekend recap!

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