Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday Favorites: Target's Black Friday Sales

Happy Friday! Thanks for joining me today as I link-up with three of my favorite bloggers, Erika, Narci, and Andrea to share some of my favorites from this week. I love to hear from you all, so please say hello in the comments below. Follow along with me on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Bloglovin'.

Today I wanted to highlight some of the Black Friday sales going on at my favorite store, Target. I'm not one for crowds, so you probably won't find me out and about the day after Thanksgiving (I'll be putting up my trees instead!), but if I did hit up a brick and mortar or shop online, here are some of the deals that piqued my interest: 

I'm not personally an Apple fan, but a lot of my students wear these watches, and Shay over at Mix and Match Mama did an in-depth review of her watch, which she loves. You can check out her review HERE. You can pick up the Apple Watch via Target HERE

I had been toying with the idea of getting a Fitbit, and these seem like some decent prices. You can add a Fitbit to your Target cart HERE.

Robert loves his Kindle, and we have been discussing the idea of getting the kids a Kindle Fire. Saving $20+ sounds like a good deal to me! Pick up an Amazon Kindle via Target HERE.

As a teacher, I get a nice discount at Barnes and Noble and Half Price Books, but 50% off books is a steal! Target has a decent book section, and I know I can pick up a few good reads for my bibliophiles. Check out Target's books, including the latest from Ina Garten HERE.

My kids are interesting to buy for. Trip hasn't really played with action figures in a few years, and Ari has decided that she's not into My Little Pony as much as she used to be. But, if you're kids are still into those things, the buy one get one 50% off deal listed above is pretty sweet. Our Generation dolls and accessories are excellent quality, as are Melissa and Doug products. And, if your kids are into Hot Wheels, THIS takes me back to my youth!

Lego very rarely goes on sale at Target, so you might want to check out these deals. Note that it's only 40% off for those sets listed. The current Target weekly ad has 20% off most Lego sets, so if the ones listed above don't strike your fancy, take advantage of this deal before 11:59 tomorrow night!

I think this deal is pretty great! Yes, Target often runs deals on clothing and shoes, but this is the one time when it is all on sale at the same time. C9 makes great workout wear, and I don't feel like it goes on sale as often as other Target brands. This would be a great time to stock up on gear to help fuel any New Year's resolutions! Another favorite for me is Gilligan and O' Malley sleepwear. They make super comfy pajama pants and robes- something that very few people would hate to be gifted!

I LOVE my KitchenAid mixer! I've had one for over 8 years and just replaced the paddle this year. To top it off, they offer really cute colors now, too! Check out the KitchenAids at Target HERE.

I wish I had registered for Pyrex when we got married. These dishes are excellent quality, and a set that literally will cost you $1 per piece is outstanding! I may be putting this one in my cart this year. Check out Pyrex via Target HERE.

I might be the last person on earth who doesn't own a griddle yet. I grew up babysitting triplets, and they had a griddle like this one from Black and Decker which made life so much easier! Now that my own kids eat like normal humans, this would make weekend breakfasts a snap! 

I've been on the hunt for a cozy fall/winter blanket. I love Threshold products, so I'm hoping to snag one or two of these blankets this year. A side note: Target is running a deal on Fieldcrest bedding again this year. I purchased a really fancy sheet set last year during the Black Friday sale, and when I washed it before ever using them, the sheets developed stains all over them. I swear by Threshold performance sheets, so you may want to think twice before throwing Fieldcrest into your cart this year.

Target has replaced the pumpkin spices of fall with some awesome winter scents. I'm thinking of stocking up during this BOGO sale. I love Cozy Nights and use it all year, but of the seasonal collection, I'm loving Hickory Hearth. Check out all candles via Target HERE.

Now if you can wait a day, I think this deal is the best one yet! If you're looking to spruce up your tree, buy a tree, replenish lights, or add to your gift wrap stash, then you're in luck! Spend $100 and save $50! 

Don't forget that Target is offering free shipping for the holiday season, so if you don't already have a REDcard, you can enjoy one of the cardholder perks! FYI, the REDcard is GREAT - 5% off every purchase plus free shipping on! And if you're not using Cartwheel, make sure to set up an account and you'll be rolling in the dough! 

So, what are you planning on buying from Target this year? Share in the comments below! I'll see you back here on Monday for our weekend recap- have a great weekend! :)

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  1. The Target candles will be on sale?! Oh my goodness, they smell amazing this year! I practically died when one of my students brought one for me on Friday! Great find!


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