Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday: Lottery

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When I was in second grade, my dad won something close to $100 from a lottery ticket. I went to school the next day and told everyone that my family was RICH! 

My reality of winning the lottery is more like this:

So, if I randomly won the lottery, I would love to help out some of my friends in need and favorite charities. But for this post, let's focus on the selfish stuff. Here are SOME of the things I would do with the money:

1. Finish paying into each of the kids' college funds: We are so fortunate that Robert's Grannie saved quite a bit to help out our kids. We are currently taking advantage of a program by prepaying into accounts to lock in today's college rates. As someone who still has a little bit of college debt left 10 years later, I must say, look into these programs for your kids. They will truly appreciate your assistance later in life!

2. Semi-trust funds: Not sure how to label this, but I want to set aside money for each of my kids to use for how they see fit down the line. If they want to use it for an elaborate wedding or for a down payment on a home, I would love to be able to provide that for them. 

3. Travel!: I teach world cultures and yet have very little international experience. Some of the places I still want to travel to include: Walt Disney World (I've been but want to go with the kids), New Mexico, Washington, D.C. (I've been but want to go with the kids), Hawaii, China, Western Europe, and some amazing tropical locale like Fiji or Bali.

4. Build my dream home: We plan to retire in College Station in 30 years, and my favorite style is best described as Mexican hacienda. I love the colors, furniture, artwork, and details. 

5. Shoes/clothes: I'd like to spend just a little bit more on my shoes and clothes. While I love Target, Old Navy, and T.J. Maxx, I shop there more out of necessity. I would love to have the opportunity to shop at higher end stores (and by higher end, I mean higher end to ME). Nordstrom, Ann Taylor, J. Crew, etc. all make beautiful clothes, but I really can't justify spending more than $30 on pants, $30 on shoes, or $20 on a top. #teachermarrieedtoanotherteacherlife

What would you spend with your lottery winnings? Tell me in the comments below!

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  1. I would definitely go on a really epic Disney World vacation, I've been once but I would go again and go all out!

    1. We've been saving and are planning to go in 2018. Not sure it'll be epic- but we're definitely taking advantage of our time there!

  2. I would call my boss and break into full Johnny Paycheck mode and serenade him with "Take This Job and Shove It!" Then I'd take a nap!

    1. HA! I thought you'd update your Cricut machine or something! I wouldn't quit my job- I'd be bored!


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