Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Stranded: Outerwear

TGIW! Thanks for joining me today for Shay and Erika's Stranded! Today, we're talking about our favorite outerwear options.

I've had the same heavy coat from GAP for over 15 years, so this past winter, I snagged this jacket from Old Navy when it was on clearance. It is SO comfy and keeps me perfectly warm when our Houston winters turn slightly cold in January/February. 

Last spring, I purchased a Merona military jacket very similar to this one. Our Houston winters aren't very intense, so this is a great fall and early winter option. If you're a T.J. Maxx shopper, I recently saw some very cute military jackets for under $20. 

I purchased a Pepe Jeans London jean jacket from Marshall's (over 11 years ago!) that is very similar to this one. I think it's super important that outerwear last a very long time, but I also don't expect to pay full price- I spent less than $20 on mine! 

And, I don't currently own these options, but I've got my eye on the following: 

Thanks so much for joining me today! I'll be back tomorrow with my Try It Thursday recipe - link up with me if you have a favorite recipe of the week! Hope to see you soon!


  1. LOVE a good military jacket!!

    1. Totally agree with you on the puffer vest- I have one that I wear a lot but didn't share since it has my school logo all over it. Not the cutest, but definitely comfy and warm!


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