Friday, December 16, 2016

Friday Favorites: Gifts for the Hostess

It's FRI-YAY! If you're a teacher, well then...

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I've been sharing gift ideas the past few Fridays. You can check out my ideas for guys HERE, girls HERE, and teachers HERE. Today, I'm sharing ideas for hostess gifts. 

Hostess gifts aren't necessary for every occasion, but it's always nice to bring a small token to show your appreciation to the host/hostess for opening up their home to you and your family. I read THIS article from Real Simple the other day and thought is was perfect for the holiday season. Gifts shouldn't be over the top, but a little something for the host to enjoy is always a good idea.

For the queen of the couch: If your hostess is known for curling up on her couch to enjoy a good book, movie, or show, then I'd suggest any of the following:

* Redbox codes & popcorn/treats: Redbox codes make a great gift because the recipient can stop by any Redbox kiosk and pick up a movie or game for the night. We gave the kids' electives teachers codes and some delicious Popcornopolis to snack on for their movie night. We used THESE gift tags for the codes. My local Sprouts and Trader Joe's also have some yummy prepackaged treats that would pair well with the Redbox codes

* Blanket/throw: You can never have too many blankets, and if your hostess is planning on binge-watching shows all winter, she'll love a new, cozy throw. This Threshold throw from Target looks so warm and comfy! 

* Favorite book: If the hostess with the mostess is an avid reader (and you know what she likes to read), gifting her a copy of a NY Times bestseller like John Grisham's latest or one of your favorite reads is sure to be a hit! If you're not sure what she likes to read, a small gift card to Barnes & Noble or Half Price Books is always thoughtful, too.

For the queen of the kitchen: If your hostess is known for amazing dinner parties or baking up a storm, then she's sure to appreciate any of the following:

* Rosemary plant: Having rosemary on hand is so helpful for the chef or entertainer. She can use it in recipes or to decorate a table. My local Sprouts sells small trees or you can even purchase them on Amazon like THIS one.

* Flowers/poinsettia: I'm never disappointed to receive fresh flowers for my home, especially if they're already in a vase! I LOVE getting poinsettias at Christmas parties because they instantly add a touch of holiday to any room. 

* Dish towels or napkins: If your hostess is anything like me, then she goes through lots of dish towels while prepping for the party. Giving her some seasonal dish towels like this Sour Cream dish towel or festive napkins like these Sour Cream holiday napkins are sure to have her remembering you fondly every time she uses them! 

* Dishes/serveware: Cute seasonal dishes or serveware are always a great option. I always try to add something new to my collection each year from Home Goods or Target. I've been loving these Threshold plates! They'd be so cute with these Threshold plates or these cute appetizer plates.

For the queen of home decor: Does your hostess take great pride in her home? Does she love to decorate for the holidays? Try something like these:

* Collections: If the hostess has a collection of certain items, it is always nice to add a unique piece. During the holidays, I love nutcrackers and like to build my collection each year. I also love talavera pottery but know lots of ladies who like to collect blue and white antique dishes. If you're clued into what your host likes and what pieces she already has, she'll be thrilled to add your piece to her collection, and she'll appreciate how much you've paid attention to her taste. 

* Magazine subscription: Now is totally a good time to purchase a gift subscription to a magazine for a friend. I've received a lot of e-mails recently about annual subscriptions going for as low as $5! What an awesome gift that your hostess can enjoy for 12 whole months! I personally love Good Housekeeping, Redbook, and Food Network Magazine

* Accent pillow: While decorating for the holidays, I always love the idea of purchasing a cute seasonal throw pillow. I usually talk myself out of it because I can't justify $15-20 on a pillow, but if someone gave me one as a present, I know it would be used each time that holiday came along, and I would think fondly of the gift giver each time I set it out. This Threshold accent pillow would be a cute addition to any couch!

* Christmas ornament: If you know the hostess' color scheme, then adding a cute ornament in the color family would be a fun and easy gift. If you're unsure of the tree's colors, a classic red and/or green are always nice and can be used somewhere else within the home. 

What are your favorite hostess gifts to give or receive? Share in the comments below!

Have a great weekend, and I'll see you here on Monday for our weekend recap!

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  1. I love magazine subscriptions! My fingers are crossed that I can get an HGTV one this year from someone (but I know it isn't happening LOL)!

    1. Ooh that would be a good one, Amanda! I'll be back next Friday with gifts to give ourselves- so I should maybe add that! :)


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