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Friday Favorites: Gifts for the Teachers

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I've been sharing gift ideas the past few Fridays. You can check out my suggestions for the guys HERE and the gals HERE. Today, I'm sharing some ideas for your favorite teachers. 

Gift Cards

I know a lot of people feel that gift cards are such an impersonal gift, but when you're giving a gift to a teacher, you might not know much about their favorite things. As a teacher myself, I feel confident in recommending that you give a gift card to your favorite teacher. We LOVE them! It doesn't matter if you can't give a huge amount - anything is appreciated. Some suggestions are:

Target: I don't know anyone who wouldn't love a Target gift card! That store has just about everything, and since Target cards are a popular gift, it's nice for teachers to be able to combine their cards to splurge on something nice for themselves. My kids' homeroom teachers are going to be getting a Target card from us this year.

Amazon: An Amazon card is a great gift for any teacher, but I would definitely suggest it for a male teacher. My husband (a male teacher) totally agrees!

Barnes and Noble: B&N is a good choice because teachers can pick up something fun to read over the break or use it to purchase books for their classroom.

Starbucks: My coffee drinking teachers LOVE receiving Starbucks cards. I don't drink coffee and kind of hate getting these gift cards. I usually end up passing them out to friends and co-workers. If you KNOW your child's teacher is an avid coffee drinker, then go for it!

Fandango: Last spring, one of my students gave me a Fandango card, and it was awesome! I was able to use it at any theater in the area and got to see several movies on someone else. Most theaters sell cards for their specific theater, but Fandango lets the teacher choose where they want to go. 

Food & Drink

We all think we're the best cooks and bakers in the world, BUT most teachers are turned off by homemade goodies. You never know what type of dietary restrictions (or diets!) your teacher may have, and something homemade will most likely go to waste. If you're wanting to give something food related, go with something that is prepackaged, or give a gift card to a local restaurant or bakery. 

I love chocolate croissants, and my students know it. Throughout the year, they bring me breakfast which is so sweet! For Christmas, it is always nice when students give gift cards to restaurants like La Madeleine or Panera.  

I've heard of parents who e-mail the teachers early in the week and tell them to send their order to them for lunch to be delivered from a local restaurant. I certainly would love it if somebody picked up the tab for me on a fun lunch!

A gift card to a yogurt or ice cream shop is also a good choice, especially if the teacher is also a parent. I know my kids love when I'm able to take them out for a special treat on somebody else! 

Staying hydrated seems to be at the top of everyone's goals these days, and YETI tumblers are pricey. Pair an Ozark Trail tumbler with a small gift card, and it's sure to be a well-received gift. Tumblers that can be put in the dishwasher are good; plastic cups with straws that are hand wash only are on the "No, Thank You" list! (More on that in a second.)


If you know a bit about your child's teacher, like what they like to collect, then go for something personal. I LOVE Christmas and really enjoy receiving ornaments for my trees. I collect nutcrackers, so I would absolutely love it if any of my students gave me one to add to my collection. This is not true for everyone, so if you're unsure, go with something different.

via Target

Each Christmas, I get at least one nice hand towel or dish towel. I spend so much time in the kitchen that I really like these and find that they come in handy. A holiday towel is always nice for a teacher to add to their collection.

Our local Sprouts has some beautiful rosemary trees for sale that would make a lovely gift. One year, a student painted a potted rosemary for me, and it was a really sweet gift that I was able to use in my cooking. Another student gave me some poinsettias which were great to have to decorate my house for my holiday parties. 

I personally love receiving jewelry, especially necklaces. You don't have to worry about knowing the teacher's size this way, and your child is sure to be remembered each time the teacher wears that piece of jewelry. I would love THIS necklace!

My school's PTA worked with a local spa to gift all of the the teachers a free massage. Teachers love a massage or pedicure, so if you are feeling inclined, a gift card to a local spa would be awesome!

We're giving the kids' electives teachers and paras movie nights. I bought some really yummy Zebra Popcornopolis cones and will attach codes to Red Box so they can go rent movies or games over the break. THIS blog has cute printables for this type of gift.

No, Thank You

If you're still a little stuck, may I steer you away from some ideas? While we truly appreciate your kind thoughts, most teachers prefer to not receive:

* Homemade treats/food
* School supplies (Save it for the beginning of the year!)
* Candles
* Coffee mugs 
* Pinterest craft projects
* Lotion/Bath and Body Works
* Giant boxes of Ferrero Rocher and the like (I once received a box of 50!)

At the end of the day, no gift is necessary. Your child's teacher loves him/her no matter what, but it is always thoughtful to take care of the men and women who look after our kids each day. If you feel compelled, teachers also love receiving a handwritten note acknowledging their hard work and your appreciation for him/her. As a final note, I would suggest sending in a gift at the beginning of next week. Teachers like sending thank you notes home to show their appreciation, and the more time you give them before the break to write, the better! :) 

What do you like to receive as teacher gifts or give as teacher gifts? Share in the comments below!

Have a great weekend, and I'll see you back here on Monday for our weekend recap!

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