Monday, December 19, 2016

Life With the Lees: Weekend Recap 12.19.16

Hi and thanks for joining me for today's weekend recap! I've been sharing gift guides on Fridays, so today's weekend recap is really more of the week in review. You can view my gift suggestions for:

On Friday, I'm planning to share gift ideas for the greatest gal in your life - you!

The week started out with lots of gifts from my students. Isn't this cup cute? I accidentally gave it away to one of Trip's teachers when I sent in the snacks for their holiday party, and she texted me that it was just what she always wanted minus the wrong initials! We stopped by Walmart and picked up a tumbler and used painter's tape to make a pretend monogram for her! :) (Next year, I'll get my Cricut aficionado Aunt Amy on the job!) 

One of my co-workers is a baking queen and sent me home with lots of tasty treats. I was a bad mom and fed my kids reindeer chow for dinner before Ari's dance performance! 

Roo had her first dance performance and had a lot of fun tapping to "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer." 

I was a bad mom (again) and forgot about giving flowers at dance performances, but luckily Sue-Sue and Grandpa came prepared. Ari was so excited to put the roses in her room!

Robert and I had a date at Target on Friday afternoon. I know I do some affiliate linking for their products that I like, but I think I really want to be a Target worker when I grow up! I applied a few years ago but never heard back. I can tell you where just about everything is located in that store and what its quality is like or if there's a Cartwheel coupon for it! I think these Threshold chambray sheets look so comfy, but I'll wait for a sale. 

The kids are in charge of packing their road trip bags, but they have to get everything "Mommy-approved" before the backpacks can be packed in the car. Plastic horses and talking toys are obviously essentials. 

Robert either has spring cleaning fever belated or way early. He had us go through the closets to purge, and he needed help deciding on this sweater. Trip asked him if it was for an ugly sweater competition, so I think he got the answer he needed!

I made some pecan pie bark that was super easy and apparently delicious. I wouldn't know because I hate pecans, but my sources say it's good. I'll be sharing this on Thursday for my Try It Thursday recipe.

We wrapped up the weekend with some Torchy's Tacos. We tried their queso for the first time, and it was super awesome! I'll look for a copycat recipe to try out for us.

I'm looking forward to doing some shopping, gift wrapping, baking, hanging with the family, and catching up with friends this week! I'll see you back here tomorrow for Momfessionals' Show and Tell Tuesday link-up. See you soon!


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