Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday: Christmas Traditions

Hi everyone! I hope you are enjoying the holiday season. Thank you for joining me today as I link up with Andrea at Momfessionals for Show and Tell Tuesday. If you're new here, make sure to follow along with me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Bloglovin'. Today we're sharing holiday traditions and recipes.

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One of my favorite Christmas traditions is to decorate! My living room sports a fun jewel color theme with my tree that we lovingly refer to as "Disco Christmas!"

We like to dress-up for the holidays!

And of course, there's LOTS of baking that goes on in our house in the month of December. Have you tried my super easy but super delicious peanut butter Ritz cookies yet? You can view that recipe HERE.

I'll be sharing a new to me recipe, pecan pie bark, on the blog Thursday. Do you love to cook or bake? Are you fairly new to blogging like me? Then link-up with me on Thursdays for Try It Thursday!

We get dolled up to attend Christmas parties.

And we host some parties of our own! We hosted our 3rd annual Christmas cookie party last weekend. I like to have my party the last Sunday before school gets out for the holiday. That gives friends time to bake on Friday or Saturday. Then, at the party, I have sugar cookies for the kids to decorate while the moms exchange their cookies. It's nice to package up a fun variety of treats to take to neighbors and co-workers without having to actually bake 13+ different types of cookies!

One of my favorite holiday traditions is celebrating St. Nicholas' feast day on December 6. The kids get a visit overnight from St. Nick who leaves little treats in their stockings. I try to stock up on fun toys, movies, or art sets from the clearance sections starting in the summer so they get more bang for the buck.

My kids are craft-aholics! I picked up a bunch of holiday crafts (most up to 90% off) after Christmas last year (and actually remembered where I stored them!), so the kids have been painting up a storm these past few weeks. Keep your eyes peeled at Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and Target the whole week after Christmas for the best deals - I literally got some crafts for 10 cents!

This weekend, the kids painted wooden gingerbread houses. We skipped out on the cheapo paint sets that come with the crafts and used our supply of acrylics instead. 

Trip painted this gingerbread ornament a few years back. I try to put their name and year on the back of each craft.

He painted the nutcracker 2 years ago and colored the cowboy ornament for our Texas tree  last year. 

And for some reason, our laundry room door always gets decorated to match the season with the kids' doodles and coloring pages. We added our outdoor wreath this year to up the cheer!

I have to wrap up today with this year's Christmas card:

Thanks for joining me today! I'll be back tomorrow for the final What's Up Wednesday link-up of 2016 with Mel, Shay, and Sheaffer. Hope to see you again soon! 


  1. I love seeing your Christmas decor!

    1. Come to Texas for Xmas sometime! I can pretty much guarantee it'll be snow and ice free.


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