Thursday, January 19, 2017

Ladies Who Link: Organization Tips & Tricks

Welcome to our first Ladies Who Link party! Thanks for joining me and Sara and Trina from Moms' Coffee Date today! Make sure to link-up below to share your best organization or cleaning tips and visit some of the other bloggers today to say hello!

First up, a colleague of mine shared THIS post last year. I think it's a great list to help ditch some of the junk that just lies around and clutters the house. There's a few things on the list that you wouldn't think of on your own and will hopefully motivate you to clear the clutter. 

I try to plan a whole month's worth of meals at a time. I keep a Word document and then when I'm stuck for an idea, I can refer back to previous months to pick out some meals. It also comes in so handy for me to glance at my meal plan when I sit down to write out my grocery list. Are you linking up with me to share your favorite meals for my Try It Thursday link-up party? 

I also write our meal plan on a dry-erase board on the fridge so I don't have to print off my calendar or open my computer every day to figure out what we're having for dinner. I also usually write practices and appointments on this board, too. 

Okay, don't make fun of me, but I'm pretty sure I just learned this trick from one of you bloggers last month. I bet 95% of the world's population already knows to do this, but if you're in that special 5% with me, then let me introduce you to my favorite new tip: organize your dishwasher utensil basket by type of utensil so it takes just mere seconds to unload and put away when clean. Alright, go ahead and tell me how lame I am for just figuring that one out! :) 

I need to get back on track and follow my cleaning schedule better. I did a great job the first few months back to school but haven't been disciplined in keeping with it, and I know I need to get back with it to make my weekends less stressful. You can search for lots of cleaning schedule ideas on Pinterest, but here's what works for my house:
Monday: Replace towels, take out recycling, and clean the kitchen sink
Tuesday: Vacuum & tidy up master bedroom
Wednesday: Wash and change master bed
Thursday: Dust & replace towels
Friday: Vacuum
Saturday: Clean bathrooms
Sunday: Vacuum, grocery shop, change tablecloth/place mats, & make lunches for the week
* I try to do a load or two of laundry each day and wipe down the kitchen each day, too.

Since Trip & Robert get home before I do most days, it's important to me to keep an afternoon schedule so that we can relax after dinner. If you have an elementary aged child, here's what Trip does each day after school: 

Both kids do chores, and I know parents are split on the issue of paying kids for chores. Robert and I agreed to pay the kids the same dollar amount as their age each week IF they completed their chores for the week. This past summer, I found THIS article about an accountability binder. Both Trip and Ari have a binder where they keep their money and gift cards, along with their deposit and withdrawal sheet to keep track of their "finances." 

One last idea that we tried this last semester that really worked for our family was to schedule the kids' activities for the same day and divide and conquer. Now that worked when each kid was only in one activity at a time. This spring, Ari wants to continue doing dance class, play softball, and join swim team with Trip. If you have any ideas on how to conquer that one, please share! 

Thanks for joining us today for the first Ladies Who Link! Our schedule for the rest of the year is as follows: 

Make sure to link-up with us today, and visit a couple of new to you bloggers and say hello! I'll be back tomorrow for Friday Favorites! See you soon!


  1. I love that you make your kids do chores and that you do allowance. We did the same with ours. It teaches them responsibility and a lot of kids just don't get that these days😔. Yay for y'all. When my kids were younger I had more of a schedule at home: Monday was always laundry (I did it all day for one day a week), Tuesday / grocery...etc... Now I'm kinda all over the board. I thought it was interesting how your post was about organizing your life and mine focuses on organizing your space👍🏼. Love that!!! Happy Thursday Allie!

  2. Maybe that should be a hint to me to get my space more organized! Ha!

  3. I love that you plan a months worth of meals! I need to get myself together and try that!!

    1. Of course it changes from time to time, but it's nice to have a general plan in place, and if I can find something on sale a week or two ahead that I can freeze or save, even better!


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