Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Day in the Life: February 2017

Hi! I've been meaning to try one of these posts for a while, and since we are into our regular school routine, I figured it'd be a good day to share. Here goes!

I used to wake up at 4:30 on school mornings to exercise before work, but since I'm not currently in remission, I've been taking advantage of an extra 45 minutes or so to sleep. My alarm goes off around 5:15 a.m., and I hit the snooze until the next alarm goes off at 5:17.

I check my e-mails from overnight and clean out my inbox. On this morning, I awoke to a fun surprise! One of my former students e-mailed me about his trip to Palestine and Israel and wanted to share some photos that I could show my classes. 

I'm in the middle of whitening my teeth, so I slapped my Crest strips on and set a timer for 30 minutes while I continued to get ready.

I hit the makeup chair by 5:30. The girls at EleventhGorgeous did a video using only Wet n' Wild products, and when I saw a great rebate on Ibotta, I bought this eyeshadow pallete. After the rebate and Target sale, I think I paid a little over $1!

Robert has been waking the kids up for me most mornings, and they get dressed and head down while I start breakfast. Trip and Robert had been eating breakfast tacos all week, so he opted for cereal and strawberries while I made egg, bacon, and cheese burritos for Ari and Robert. I learned how to cook eggs in the microwave after watching Trisha Yearwood's show, and it's a game changer!

I take all of my vitamins and meds around 6 while I eat my breakfast. On school days, I eat 2 chocolate chip granola bars from HEB. We have lunch at 11 in 6th grade, so I don't need much in the morning.

Then, I start on packing lunches. Trip gets a peanut butter sandwich, goldfish, a granola bar, apple slices, and a beef jerky strip most days. He takes a water bottle and extra snack for the pouch.

Say hello to the slowest eater on the planet! She may be part sloth, but she did actually finish all of her breakfast!

I check on my blog post for the day and share it on my Facebook page.

We're out the door by 6:34! We drop T off at his school's before school program.

Then, we turn on Pandora for our drive to Ari's school. We've been liking the Katy Perry station lately.

I'm usually able to drop off the Roo by 7:15-ish. This is our last year at our amazing daycare/pre-K. We've been there for 8 years straight! It will be hard to not see some of our favorite people every day next year!

Stopped to take an outfit selfie- not a fashion forward ensemble, but some days, you just succumb to teacher/mom life. 

I get back in the car and drive a few more minutes to my school. The Atlanta Falcons were staying at the hotel by my school, so the hospital and buildings nearby all were lit up in red and white.

By 7:40, I've reached my home away from home. We're in the middle of a book drive for libraries in Africa, so my room is slowly being taken over by books and boxes.

I have to get things ready for my students before I leave for my 8 a.m. grade level meeting.

Our awesome AP and counselor brought us breakfast treats, and I indulged with a chocolate shortbread cookie!

On this day, we read about Malala Yousafzai and then used a high school strategy called APPARTS to analyze the speech that she gave at the United Nations a few years back.

I had a meeting during my lunch break today, so I had my lunch in the next class period: salad with Bolthouse Farms' balsamic vinaigrette dressing and a Think Thin bar. I only get the bars that have sugar. The ones that say zero sugar are full of aspartame and make me sick.

I taught a few more classes and then had my conference period from 2:45 until the end of school. I finished up grades, set up the class for the next day, and worked on some upcoming tests and lessons. The office sent me boxes so I can start organizing our books to ship off to Africa!

I'm out the door at 3:45 to go pick up the Roo from school! It was the 100th day of school, and someone obviously has her priorities straight!

We spend about another hour driving home, depending on the traffic. On the way, we listened to an audio book, and she snoozed. Wish I could sneak in a nap on the drive home!

The kids and I grabbed a snack. I prefer Wheat Thins, but I had Ritz in the pantry to go with my Laughing Cow cheese.

It never rained like it was supposed to, so I laced up my sneakers and headed out for a run while Trip rode his bike. I am prepping for a 5K in a few weeks, and then, I'll be retiring from running until Thanksgiving!

The kids have chores to take care of each day and then it's shower time before dinner. Trip has a spelling test every Friday, so we quizzed while getting dinner ready.

On this night, we made a macaroni and cheese from scratch. I'll be sharing the recipe in a few weeks for a Try It Thursday post!

We have a little bit of downtime after dinner so the kids grab some dessert and then we take care of reading.

We try to watch a show together if there's any extra time before bed. We watched an episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch on Amazon. I miss the 90s/early 2000s!

Since we have to get up so early, bedtime is officially 7:30 p.m. for the kids. Ari asks me to sing a song to her each night, and then both kids have this sheep with a white noise machine. Trip picks rain, and Ari picks the "Hush Little Baby" song.

I switch some laundry over and put a basket or two away by 8. I also have to take my last round of meds for the day.

Then, I hit the books! I've been pretty good about setting aside 20 minutes each day to read. I'm currently reading Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay. It was a bestseller years ago, and I've had it on my shelf for a while now. I told myself that I'm not allowed to buy any new books until I finish the ones that are on my shelves. I love Ghiradelli's chocolate squares for dessert.

When time's up, I turn on the t.v. and watch something from the DVR. Usually it's a Bravo show like Real Housewives or Watch What Happens Live. I check on upcoming posts for the blog and surf around the internet for a bit.

Before 10 p.m., I make sure to keep my New Year's resolution and get to flossing and prepping for bed. It's lights out by 10!

Thanks for joining me today! What do you like to watch or read during your down time? Tell me in the comments below, and I'll see you back here tomorrow for my Ladies Who Link party with Moms' Coffee Date! We're sharing our makeup drawers with you- join us! See you soon!


  1. First off, LOVE your work outfit :) Anyway, my favorite shows are: This is Us, Jane The Virgin, American Housewife, Pieces, Scandal and Greys...I tend to binge watch on a quiet night :)

    1. Thanks, Holly! We gave up on Grey's a few years ago. I feel like I've abandoned just about every drama that Robert and I start. We used to watch Madame Secretary and the new one with Keifer Sutherland, but I started falling asleep during all of them. We love Blackish, Goldbergs, and Modern Family!

    2. We love Designated Survivor...just looked up last night when it's coming back. Mid-March, FYI😉

  2. That mac and cheese looks delicious! Can't wait for the recipe.

    1. Coming soon! I promise- it was pretty darn delicious! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. You make me tired just reading about all you do in a day. If I did a day in the life post now that my kids are gone it would be a real snooze-fest. The Bolthouse Farms yogurt dressings are my FAVORITE! Happy Wednesday!

    1. LOL! I have teacher friends who love the Real Housewives like me, and we always complain that nobody ever asks to make a reality show about us. Then we realize that aside from work, it would be a show about us watching reality television! My friend loves the cilantro Bolthouse dressing. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. It's a busy life but it's a good life!!!!

    1. For sure, but I definitely am loving having a 3 day weekend coming up! :)

  5. Wow you have such a busy day! I'd forgotten about Sabrina! Classic show!!


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