Thursday, February 23, 2017

Try It Thursday: Oven Tilapia

Happy Thursday, friends! Thanks for stopping by today for a super quick and super easy recipe: Oven Baked Tilapia. Tilapia is super cheap and pretty healthy, but it's usually pretty bland. I don't know how to use the outdoor grill, and I hate to make Robert grill everything for me. A few years ago, I found a recipe for baked tilapia with oranges and asparagus. We make that every once in a while, but here's a super basic recipe that you can put next to any side or salad. 

A real quick note: I know a lot of people are opposed to tilapia because it's a bottom feeder and there are issues with fish from China. I recently found Regal Springs tilapia loins at my HEB grocery store, and I find these to be much tastier than your typical cheap cut of fish. You can read more about the brand HERE to see if it is something you'd serve to your family.

* Tilapia loins
* Olive oil
* Tony Chachere's seasoning
* Parchment paper
* Additional seasoning if desired

* Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.
* On a baking sheet, lay out parchment paper squares for however many loins you'll be cooking.
* Put a loin on each paper square.
* Drizzle with olive oil.
* Sprinkle with seasoning. (Here's where you could add orange slices, veggies, and/or additional seasonings like garlic, pepper, or lemon juice.) 

* Wrap up each of your paper packs. 
* Cook in the oven for 12-15 minutes. 

* Remove the loins from the packets and serve with sides such as asparagus, quinoa, or a salad.
* Enjoy!

This simple meal can be ready within 40 minutes of arriving home from work, and it's an easy addition to any of you who aren't eating meat during Lent. Don't forget to link-up below to share your favorite recipe of the week, and make sure to stop by and visit with other bloggers. I hope you enjoy this dish, and please stop by tomorrow for my Friday Favorites! 


  1. We had Talapia just last night. I also bake mine in the oven, adding olive oil and Old Bay Seasoning. Also served mine with asparagus :).

    1. I've never had Old Bay- I will have to try it some time! My daughter devours this when I mix it with some Annie's macaroni, too!

  2. This makes me so hungry! I love tilapia and will have to try this recipe ASAP!

    1. The loins are so much tastier than the cheapo fish! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Can you believe I've never done any "packet" cooking. Now you've peaked my interest. Looks delish, and I love Tony Ch...seasoning. Put it on burgers and grill it on chicken with BBQ sauce. Yummy! Happy Thursday Allie!

    1. Oh you've gotta packet cook! Makes it so much easier if it's pouring down rain and you don't feel like grilling (or you haven't learned to grill like me!)

  4. That's so funny you posted this. I was just thinking today that I hadn't made tilapia in forever and was going to Pinterest some new recipes. I'll def try this out.


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