Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What's Up Wednesday: February

Happy Wednesday! Thanks for joining me today as I link up with Mel, Shay, and Sheaffer to share about this past month. Link up with us!

What we're eating this week...
We had oven baked tilapia to start the week, and if you come back tomorrow, I'm sharing it for my Try It Thursday recipe tomorrow. If you like to cook or bake, link up with me every Thursday to share your favorite recipe of the week! I'm also going to be baking up some goodies for brunch with friends this Saturday! Can't wait!

What I'm reminiscing about...
We moved into our house 3 years ago next week. I HATE packing and moving, but I'm so happy that we moved into our current home. We'll be here another 30 years, and I've made Robert promise that we will hire professional movers for that final move.

What I'm loving...
The weather has pretty much transitioned into full-on spring right now. I'm loving tank top and flip flop season!

What we've been up to...
We've been working outside a lot and then baking a whole bunch! Ari is getting ready for baseball season to start, and Trip is excited for swim team to begin again.

What I'm dreading...
My students have been donating books for libraries to be established in Africa, and we're almost to 3,000 books! I'm so happy to have this many books donated, but I am also dreading all of the organizing, packing, and moving of the books! If you're in the Houston area, consider donating your extra books to Good Steward Global Initiative.

What I'm working on...
We're working on the final touches for Ari's birthday party next weekend. Here's a sneak peek:

What I'm excited about...
I'm excited to celebrate the Roo's 5th birthday! I'm getting to take a day off and chaperone her field trip to the zoo the day before her birthday, so it's going to be lots of fun with the birthday girl!

What I'm watching/reading...
I just finished my 2nd book of 2017 (which is a big deal since I hadn't really set aside a lot of time for it other than the summer and Christmas break). I just started Spoken From the Heart: Laura Bush. I'm working my way through my bookshelves before I start reading anything brand new. If you have any recommendations for books I may have missed in the past decade, PLEASE tell me! I like historical fiction, autobiographies/biographies, and funny books. I'm not into scary!

What I'm listening to...
My students often have in-class projects where they hate for me to bother them, so instead of sitting in silence, we have been putting on the Beats for Studying station. It plays violin, piano, and cello versions of popular songs and gets the kids working.

What I'm wearing...
Pink and olive! I love the color combo! (These pictures obviously aren't me - they're just inspiration for now. I'll get some pics of my own outfit soon!) I'm going to put together a What I Wore post next week to highlight the end of winter clothes because I had a few outfits I never got to write about. Hopefully they'll serve as inspiration for me at the end of the year. Stop by here next Wednesday to check those out!

What I'm doing this weekend...
We're hosting friends for brunch and stopping by a local car show!

What I'm looking forward to next month...
March is Ari's birthday month! We're excited to host her birthday party next weekend and then go bowling on her actual birthday.

What else is new...
I am going to hopefully have some important meetings coming up, so I'm working on putting together nice, professional, but fun outfits for those meetings. Hoping to have more info to share with you all soon!

Question of the month: What is your can't live without beauty product? 
This question is perfect timing because I just did a link-up party last Thursday where I shared everything in my makeup drawer! You can read that post HERE. I do love eyeshadow and mascara, but I think I feel most comfortable leaving the house when my skin looks decent. Physicians Formula Powder Bronzer and Covergirl Cheekers Blush in Classic Pink give me a nice glow that makes me feel a little more confident.

Thanks so much for joining me today for this month's wrap-up! I hope you'll stop by tomorrow to share your favorite recipe of the week, and then meet me back here on Friday for Friday Favorites!

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  1. Your pool is beautiful- I am sure you get so much use out of it! Also, where in God's name do you live? You are already experiencing Spring? I am so jealous!!! I am in New England- still winter here- boo!

    1. We're in Houston- don't worry- we get our fair share of awful weather too- hurricanes, floods, etc.

  2. Oh my goodness a Harley party! HA! That is adorable. When I think of Harleys I think of my dad (yuck) and old mean men. I love the new thought process for me - sweet littles. I'm wishing your TX weather was here today - cold and rainy. I think the high is 62 - boo! I need 72 or greater. Can I come hang out at your house? Loving that pool. Our pool (is at my mom's) will be gone before too long. Yes, the heifer has decided to sell her place. I will never forgive her LOL! You are fabulous! Have a great day.

    1. The girl likes what she likes! She did ask for it to be a girls only biker party though! :) Having a pool in the backyard was the best investment for our family- it's so relaxing to sit out on the little cove in a chair and read in the summer.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Tara! We've taken a few of the trees down to give it more sun and create less mess with the leaf dropping, but we love it!

  4. I too love historical fiction, it's the ex Social Studies teacher in me. Your pool is beautiful, we are building a new house this year and putting in a Pool! I am so excited for your tilapia recipe, we love It and hello, most fun birthday party ever....the ARI Davidson.....brilliant!!

    1. You're going to love pool life! Things are so good that we hired someone else to take care of it, too- so worth it!

  5. That pool is a dream! Also, I've been craving asparagus for a couple weeks now. Time to go to the grocery store! :)

    1. Thanks, Leslie! I need to learn to make bacon or proscuitto wrapped asparagus!

  6. If that is a picture of your backyard, I'd understand why you wouldn't want to move! How cozy and relaxing! Love the cute invite for your daughter's party!! What a neat organization that you're donating books to!

    1. Yes, we love our little oasis in the city! We're up to almost 3000 books to donate- so proud of my students!

  7. Color me green!!! I'm totally envying your's GORGEOUS!!! Somehow I missed WUW this month. What a goofball! Ari's party is going to be so cool! I miss those days but am also somewhat relieved they're done (for now...grandbabies­čśŹ) I love the olive and pink combo too. I'm dying to add some "blush" pieces to my spring wardrobe. Happy Wednesday!!!

    1. She is so pumped! I ordered some blush sneakers from Target, so hopefully I'll have a good report soon!


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