Thursday, March 9, 2017

Happy Birthday, Roo!

I'm foregoing my usual Try It Thursday post today because today is Ari's 5th birthday!

Aurelia Janette Lee truly is the perfect final piece to our little family. I didn't blog when the Roo was a baby, so I've never really shared a "birth story." I think now is the perfect time to share our little girl's story with you all. And if you don't mind, I'm going to sprinkle this post with lots of pictures of my last baby!

We really didn't care if she was a boy or a girl, but I remember changing into a pink shirt to take my pregnancy test just in case it could somehow work some magic!

We had Trip about 2 years before becoming pregnant with Ari, so I scheduled all of my doctor's appointments and planned to go solo since we knew the routine. At one of my first trimester appointments, the doctor did some measurements and scheduled me to go see someone at the hospital. She said that this was typical, but looking back, I didn't have to go anywhere else with Trip, and I don't know of friends who had to go get additional screening. I'm guessing she didn't want me to flip out, so I again went to another appointment solo.

The nurse at the hospital did more in depth measurements and then told me that I needed to meet with the genetics counselor. This moment was probably one of the worst experiences I have been through, and to top it off, I was alone since Robert and I thought it was just a routine appointment.

The genetics counselor couldn't have been any nicer. She was calm, compassionate, and answered every possible question I had. She helped me schedule a CVS at the medical center close to downtown, and I left in shock and tears and went to meet up with Robert to tell him the news. The measurements were reading that our baby had the potential for genetic disorders. I had not told anyone that we were pregnant, and now I was having to share with friends and co-workers that I was pregnant but very scared of the potential outcome.

The next week we went to the appointment and had the uncomfortable procedure done. We again met with our amazing genetics counselor who helped answer more questions and guide us through the process. I was supposed to rest up and take it easy the rest of the week, but we had a Def Leppard concert scheduled for Friday night and a Train concert scheduled for Saturday night, and I was not going to miss those guys! Robert panicked a little, but the counselor helped me talk him into it! :)

The genetics lab closed early on Fridays, so we had to wait an additional few days to get the results. I was teaching 8th grade American history at the time when I got the call. Not only did I get to find out super early that we were indeed having a girl, I was told that we were having a genetically perfect little girl! I cried my eyes out, and my students all cheered. (And then I of course had to call Robert!)

The rest of my pregnancy went pretty smoothly until the last trimester. I ended up getting horrible sciatic pain since Ari was pushing up against my spine. I was put on bedrest about 4 weeks before she was due, and I scrambled to get lessons prepped for my substitute. I went to an appointment on Thursday, March 8th and begged the doctor to move up my c-section. She agreed to schedule it for Monday, March 12th, and I went home to try and relax. I planned to pack my bag on Sunday and get everything ready over the weekend.

That night, I couldn't sleep, and I felt really off. I started having weird pains, but I figured they were the typical Braxton-Hicks and tried to ignore them. After midnight, I decided to start timing the pains and keeping track. Around 2 a.m., I finally woke up Robert and we called the doctor. I can't remember the exact timings, but apparently I was far enough along that the nurse was starting to freak out and told me I needed to get to the hospital! (I took a shower and shaved my legs instead!)

My doctor wasn't on call that morning, but we ended up with the chief! My surgery went so much better than my first, and by 6:30 a.m., we met our beautiful Princess Sparkle Pants, Aurelia Janette Lee!

I brainwashed that baby and would take her hand every day and hold it to my face and say, "Mama," over and over again. Later that year, we went out to dinner on my birthday, and Ari said her first word, "Mama!" Best birthday gift EVER!

Ari makes everyone she passes smile. She truly marches to the beat of her own drum, and I hope she never loses that trait.

She is a total HAM, and we often have to do some "Relax the face" exercises if we want to get a decent Christmas card picture!

She is compassionate and kind, and so many little friends count her as their best friend.

I call her our "Little Bevvie" because just like Beverly Goldberg, she loves her some snuggies!

Ari has never met a horse she didn't like.

The Roo knows how to rock and loves her some KISS!

She is a voracious reader, a little sponge of a learner, and a true teacher's pet.

Ari adores her brother and wants to be just like him, and she has her Papa wrapped around her finger. When she was a baby, Robert would get her to say "Papa" in a scary monster voice, and it tickles him to death still to this day!

I truly don't know what our lives would be like without our little girl. Everything she does is magic, and I will forever be grateful to be her mom.

I love you so much, Roo! Happy birthday!

"She is delightfully chaotic; a beautiful mess. Loving her is a splendid adventure."

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Thanks so much for joining me today! Meet me back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites where I promise to not be as long-winded! :) See you soon!


  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!! Tell Ari she is the most beautiful princess and biker babe too!!! Enjoy this day with your birthday girl sweet mama!!

    1. Thank you! She's had a great day so far!

  2. She is beautiful - I can tell she is an infectious spirit! LOVE IT! I spent my pregnancy with my second child preparing for what they said would be a short life - they told me his kidneys were not formed. After hitting my breaking point I left that doctor and went to another who did an ultrasound and showed me two healthy, happy kidneys. I only went nine months in fear. How polite. I feel you on being scared. God is pretty cool.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! She's had a great day so far!

  4. So precious!! You truly have a beautiful family. Happy Birthday Ari!

    1. Thank you! I plan on keeping them! :)

  5. Happy 5th Birthday Ari!!!! What a cutie pie she is! I can't get over that head full of dark hair she had when she was born!!! Hope she has a great day!!!🎉

    1. Thank you! Babies with full heads of hair are my superpower!

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you! She asked to wear her "costume" to school today aka your shirt! :)

  7. She is SO beautiful. Happy birthday Ari!

  8. Happy Birthday Ari! So beautiful!


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