Monday, March 20, 2017

Life With the Lees: Weekend Recap 3.20.17

Happy Monday, friends! It's back to reality here in the Lee household, but with spring break being over, it also means we're just weeks away from school letting out for the summer! :)

I'm not as big into traveling down south to our ranch as I used to be, so Robert and the kids go without me a few times a year. They have a blast, and I get to recharge solo!

This is Trip's horse, Bella.

Ari with her baby, Starr (She came with the name/spelling).

Happy boy (and how old does he look!?)

Horsing around with her Papa!

The kids have a love/hate relationship with the goat, Lucy. She loves that the kids are more her size than the horses and desperately wants their attention!

Lucy acts like a dog, and I'm determined to find a way to bring her home to Houston!

Poor baby is BEGGING to be played with!

Apparently the Roo took some shooting lessons this trip, and Robert is ecstatic to have a rightie in the house for once! Trip is a lefty, and since I'm left eye dominant, I shoot left-handed, and it irritates the life out of Robert!

This kid is a serious marksman. Here's hoping he can make a team and get some college money!

Anything her brother does, she wants to do, too!

Pretty sure she wins the award for craziest kid! 

During my staycation, I baked cookies for one- yum!

I read a TON of magazines and cookbooks. TIP 1: When you want to buy cookbooks but hate the cost, check your local libraries. I got GREAT books this last time! TIP 2: Flip through the books to see what you like and then search the recipes up online and pin them to your Pinterest boards! I did this with both my cookbooks and magazines last week and didn't have to tear any pages out.

I shopped til I dropped and picked up some new frames, bedding, and organization supplies for the kids' rooms. And, they're back.... my cousin was obsessed with Teletubbies when he was a baby, and they scared the bejeezus out of the rest of us!

My babies came back into town, and we got lots of errands run- like the oh so exciting car dealership. Blah!

My Sephora Play! subscription shipped early, and I received it within 36 hours of departure! I will do a review soon!

I was pretty proud of myself for re-purposing our nachos from Friday night into taco salad bowls for Saturday's lunch. Chipotle's got nothing on me!

And I FINALLY got my girl into quasi-French braid pigtails! (If you know me, you know that hair is NOT my strong suit!)

We tried to take some pictures together before dinner, and we ended up with this...

We waited not so patiently for a sub-par meal. I'm almost excited to not go out to dinner for a while- we've been making tastier food at home than what we've been getting out lately. Other than next week's planned adventure to a steakhouse, I have lots of pinned meals to try out at home.

And to top off the weekend, I made my first carrot cake.

Sunday had us cooking, cleaning, and prepping for our week ahead. Ari has her first baseball practice tonight, and she is so excited! Later today I'll be linking up with Shay and Erika for a delayed Workin' It Wednesday post all about balancing home and work life. You can read that post HERE. I'll see you back here tomorrow for our 12th Tuesday Training of the year! See you soon!


  1. Ohhh so jealous!! The horses/ponies look like they are a blast!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

    1. They definitely are- good for the soul!

  2. Your carrot cake looks divine! I hear ya' on the going out. We love to go out but often we're like...we could have had something better than that at home. That's the problem you run into when you actually cook. Oh well...Looks like a great weekend was had by all!!!

    1. Thanks, Lisa! Ari was super disappointed when she tried Chobani's carrot cake yogurt this morning and it wasn't the same as the cake!

  3. You cake looks so good - and that picture of you with the kiddos is so cute!!

    1. Thanks, Kristi! Everyone liked the cake- I thought it was a little dry but will make it again and experiment with some different ingredients.


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